100 Most Unique Baby Names of 2016 – Choose your favorite


Parents often look for the most unique baby names and special names that they can give to their children. It doesn’t matter if you’re having a boy or a girl, it’s very important to find a name that your baby can embrace and enjoy as they grow up. The best names are those that have a good meaning, sound great with the child’s surname, and will help your child to stand out as they grow up. Here you will read some of the top 100 unique names for babies in 2016, but let’s look at a few trends in naming before we see the list.


Some of the trends that are happening going into 2016 are that names coming from locations, political figures, nature, and unisex names are some of the most unique baby names that are coming back into view. The rise of these name trends can be seen in location names such as Adelaide, Sydney, Juno, and Zaire. Political names like Winston, Clinton, Monroe, Harrison, and Theodore are taken from older politicians like Winston Churchill, the Bill or Hillary Clinton, Theodore Roosevelt, William Henry Harrison, and James Monroe. Clinton is one of the unisex names on trending list, which also includes Saint, Flynn, Remy, Sydney, Blakely, Sailor, Charlie, Rowen, Kai, and Zaire.

You can also find names coming from different parts of nature. Most of these are female names like Lily, Hazel, Aurora (Aurora Borealis, the Northern Lights), Iris, Daisy, Ember, Poppy, Astrid, and Reed.


Many of the names on this list of unique baby names come from ancient literature references. Names like Atticus, Atlas, Thaddeus, Dinah, Augustine, Silas, and Otis and Enoch have a long history in various literature references.  Although they are not all from the same place, these names all have historical use that dates back hundreds of years. They have not been popular in recent years, but in 2016 a return to older, historical names with good meanings may be coming.

One other thing you might notice is that some other names on this list of unique baby names are variations of popular names. Usually the spelling is different in some way that is not popular, such as with Zackery, Noam, Jaxton, Genevieve, Emilia, Maisie, Viviana, Axl, Gaige, Brysen, and Ember.


Even some celebrity couples are taking advantage of special naming trends to find a unique baby name for their own kids! While it’s common knowledge that celebrities don’t always choose the best names for their kids, some of them with a flair for ridiculous names, there is a lot of pressure on those with big names to produce excellent and original names for their offspring. That is why you see so many interesting or crazy names coming out of Hollywood.

However, you can sometimes see naming trends among celebrity names that prove to be excellent name choices that you may even consider for your own child! If you want to find the most unique boy names for 2016 check out our this article.

Here are a few of the late 2015, early 2016, and upcoming 2016 baby names from the famous people we know and love which fit into our 2016 naming trends:



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Unique baby names 2016


  1. Atticus (“From Attica”)
  2. Atlas (“A Titan”)
  3. Kai (“Unbreakable, strong”)
  4. Theodore/Theo (“God-given”)
  5. Ryker (“Powerful leader”)
  6. Zackery (“The Lord has remembered”)
  7. Saint (“A follower of God”)
  8. Zane (“Gift from God”)
  9. Aryan (“That which is beyond anyone’s strength”)
  10. Griffin (“Strong in faith”)
  11. Broderick (“Descendent of Bruadar”)
  12. Finnegan (“Little fair one”)
  13. Flynn (“Son of a red-haired man”)
  14. Bodhi (“Awakens”)
  15. Niko (“People’s victory”)
  16. Remy (“Rower”)
  17. Sullivan (“Dark eyes”)
  18. Winston (“From a friend’s town”)
  19. Russell (“Red-haired”)
  20. Sydney (Place in Australia)
  21. Pierce (“A solid rock”)
  22. Noam (“Pleasantness”)
  23. Jaxton (“From the town of Jack”)
  24. Cora (“Maiden”)
  25. Hazel (From the color or the tree)
  26. Adeline (“Pleasant”)
  27. Adelaide (“Nobility”)
  28. Aurora (“Goddess of the dawn”)
  29. Arabella (“Yielding to prayer”)
  30. Evangeline (“Good news”)
  31. Genevieve (“Of the race of women”)
  32. Aria (“Melody, song”)
  33. Iris (A type of flower)
  34. Lily (A type of flower)
  35. Clinton (“Settlement on a hill”)
  36. Wren (“Ruler”)
  37. Cordelia (“Of the sea”)
  38. Daisy (A type of flower)
  39. Annabelle (“Loving”)
  40. Mabel (“Beautiful, lovable, loving”)
  41. Gemma (“A gem, a jewel”)
  42. Sloane (“Warrior”)
  43. Emilia (“Excel, emulate”)
  44. Florence (“To flower”)
  45. Ava (“Bird”)
  46. Heidi (“Nobility”)
  47. Kenley (“From the king’s meadow”)
  48. Juno (“Young”)
  49. Maisie (“Child of light”)
  50. Poppy (A type of flower)
  51. Sabina (“A Sabine”)
  52. Raelyn (No known meaning)
  53. Viviana (“Alive”)
  54. Saige (“Wise, healthy”)
  55. Shiloh (“the one to whom it belongs”)
  56. Thelma (“Will”)
  57. Ines (“Pure, holy”)
  58. Jada (“Knowing”)
  59. Blakely (“From the light meadow”)
  60. Astrid (“Divine strength”)
  61. Axl (“Father of peace”)
  62. Augustine (“To increase”)
  63. Briar (“Thorny, prickly”)
  64. Brysen (“Son of Brice”)
  65. Enoch (“Dedicated”)
  66. Gaige (“Pledge, oath”)
  67. Gibson (“Gilbert’s son”)
  68. Ignacio (“Fire”)
  69. Inigo (“Fiery”)
  70. Kael (“Slender, fair”)
  71. Mustafa (“The chosen one”)
  72. Thaddeus (“Courageous”)
  73. Zaire (“River”)
  74. Vihaan (“First ray of sun”)
  75. Camari (“Crooked nose”)
  76. Dinah (“Avenged”)
  77. Ember (“Hot ashes”)
  78. Harlyn (No known meaning)
  79. Isa (“Devoted to God”)
  80. Rowen (“Red”)
  81. Zariah (“Flower”)
  82. Zaylee (“Dry”)
  83. Sena (“Goddess of the moon, blessed”)
  84. Thea (“Goddess, Godly”)
  85. Rhea (“Mother of the Gods”)
  86. Zuri (“White and lovely”)
  87. Ulani (“Cheerful”)
  88. Charlie (feminine) (“Man”)
  89. Clementine (“Clemency, mercy”)
  90. Lola (“Sorrow”)
  91. Beau (“Handsome”)
  92. Harrison (“Son of Harry”)
  93. Monroe (“From the mouth of the Roe”)
  94. Xander (“Defending men”)
  95. Silas (“Of the forest”)
  96. Rhoades (“A clearing in the woods”)
  97. Reed (“Red, clearing”)
  98. Arlo (“Fortified hill”)
  99. Otis (“Wealthy”)
  100. Sailor/Saylor (Sailor, as in the occupation)

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