Girl Names baby name Michelle

What does the name Michelle mean?

The different meanings of the name Michelle are:
  • Hebrew meaning: Who is like God?
  • French meaning: French feminine form of Michel
The meaning of the name “Michelle” is different in several languages, countries and cultures and has more than one possibly same or different meanings available.

Additional information: Michelle originated as the feminine form of the Hebrew name Michael. It can have a few different meanings, including “Gift from God”, “Who is like God?”, and “Close to God”. These are all inherited meanings from the original name Michael. This name began being used mainly in France, as feminine form of Michel; variant of Michele, but it transferred to some English speaking countries in the early 1900s.

Michelle is a variant of the name Michael. Other similar feminine forms include Michela and Micalle. Some people use an alternate spelling of Michele. Around the world the spelling of the name changes, such as Mikaela in Finnish or Michaela in German, but they are all still forms of the same name Michelle. A few names that may have been derived from Michelle are Mikayla and Shelley. Common misspellings of the name include Mishelle, Mishell, Michell, or Mechelle.

In recent years the name Michelle has not seen much usage outside of the US. Since it began being used in English speaking countries around 1914, it has surged in popularity within the US, peaking most recently in 1972 when it was the 2nd most popular name for baby girls. It has been slowly losing popularity, ranking at 187th most popular in 2014. No English speaking countries ranked this name in their top 100 in 2014.

Many celebrities or famous people share the name Michelle. This includes Michelle Obama, First Lady to Us President Barak Obama who was elected into office in 2008; Michelle Kwan, and Olympic American figure skater; Michelle Pfeiffer, a popular American actress; and Michelle Williams, a singer from the group Destiny’s Child; and Michelle Keegan, a British actress.