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What does the name Aaron mean?

The meaning of the name “Aaron” is: “Enlightened, To Sing, High mountain,Exalted, Strong”.

Additional information: This is a male name that is pronounced as /AIR-uhn/. The name means “high mountain,” “enlightened,” or “exalted”. It most probably has its roots in Egyptian origin, but it can definitively be traced to the Hebrew “Aharon,” meaning “high mountain.” When the name began to be used by Protestants, it was contracted to simply “Aaron.” Biblically, Aaron was the older brother of Moses, and became the first high priest of the Israelites. He was known for carrying a miracle-performing rod, which has given name to the plant “Aaron’s rod.”

Aaron also has an Indian meaning: “The one who is Superior amongst the members of the Aaryan race”. This meaning is completely independent of either the Western meaning of the name Aaron which means “Elder Brother of Moses” OR the Middle Eastern meaning of the name Aaron which means the “The high Mountain”.

The nicknames that people with this name are given include Aaron and Ron. There are also several variants of this name which are: Arin, Aaren, Arron and Aharen. Its feminine form is Erin.

The name Aaron is spelt differently by people from different parts of the world. It is spelt as Harun in Arabic, Aron in Swedish and Aarón in Spanish.

As of 2014, Aaron is the 50thmost popular name in the United States. In Canada, it ranks number 93, and number 55 in the United Kingdom. Some of the popular people who go by this name are:

Aaron Eckhardt who is an American actor, Aaron Burr who was the third American vice president, Arin Hanson who is a Youtube personality, Aaron Neville who is an American R&B Singer, Aaron Copeland who is an American composer, Aaron Carter who is an American pop Singer and Aaron Swartz who is an American programmer and hacktivist.

It is the name of 'the Moor', the lover of Tamora, used by William Shakespeare in his play "Titus Andronicus".

Aaron is a classic and traditional name, and so it has stayed relatively stable in popularity—U.S. records indicate that it has hovered around ranks 41 to 55 from 2000 to 2014. It still remains in the top 100 for most English-speaking countries. If you want to give your baby a name with strong biblical roots that will remain popular for a long time, Aaron is a great name. For a more distinctive name, consider an alternative spelling, such as Aron or Arin.