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The Name Meaning - Baby names, boy names, girl names, name meanings
The Name Meaning – Baby names, boy names, girl names, name meanings


The Name Meaning

We are glad and proud to present you our Baby Names database.

Our goal is to help parents choose the right name for your baby. There are so many names, from so many origins and with so many meanings, but do you really know the meaning of the name that you have in mind? If it is overused? If it means something that you don’t like or approve? If it sounds weird when it is used in combination with the middle name or the surname?

We are here to help you choose the right one!

Choosing the right name for your newborn baby is a big thing. You only give a name to your baby once, and that name follows it for the rest of its life.

We do everything we can to keep the website up to date and review our name database for corrections and additions. As you can see, we do our best to make all visitors satisfied. That is our main goal! By doing continuous research we find new things that people want and deliver amazing information regarding the baby names, to bring inspiration and suggestions for your baby’s name. We love to give something back to the world wide web and we hope our work is appreciated and can be useful to many people out there. If you’d like to participate in our on-going research work on baby names, feel free to use the contact page and send us your preferred baby name, or leave a comment.

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