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What does the name Amanda mean?

The different meanings of the name Amanda are:
  • American meaning: Lovable, worthy to be loved
  • Latin meaning: She who must be loved
  • Sanskrit meaning: Active; bright
The meaning of the name “Amanda” is different in several languages, countries and cultures and has more than one possibly same or different meanings available.

Additional information: This name comes either as a feminine form of the name Amandus from the Middle Ages or from the feminine gerundive of the Latin verb 'amo' (I love). Its meaning comes from the Latin usage and is commonly known to be “worthy of love” or “having to be loved”. Amanda can also be a male name which is Sanskrit in origin. The first recorded use of the name was in England in 1212, but it was not a commonly used name until the 17th century when many playwrights began to use the name in their plays.

There are some variations of the name Amanda, some of which it is unclear if they came from the name or if the name came from them. These variations include Mandy, Mandi, Amandus, Amando, Amand, and Amandine. Amandus, Amando, and Amand are all masculine names rather than feminine names. Although Mandy is sometimes used as a short form given name in some English speaking countries, it was originally just a diminutive of Amanda along with Manda, Ama, or Anda.

Popularity of the name Amanda has shifted downwards from 1980 to 2014. In the Us it peaked in usage in 1980 as the 2nd most popular baby girl name, but in 2014 it was ranked as #214. From 1880-1889 it enjoyed a spot in the top 100 names also in the US. The name was on the rise in 2014 in some non English speaking countries including Finland where it was the 10th most popular name, Norway where it was the 40th most popular, Sweden where it was the 41st most popular, and Chile where it was the 31st most popular name.

Celebrities and notable people who share the name include Amanda Bynes, an American actress; Amanda Seyfried, an actress; and Amanda Beard, an athlete and TV personality. 'The Amanda Show' was a children's television show starring Amanda Bynes. Amanda's Pennant or Celithemis Amanda is a type of dragonfly.