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What does the name Anthony mean?

The meaning of the name “Anthony” is: “Priceless; inestimable or praiseworthy”.

Additional information: Anthony is an English masculine name from the Roman family name Antonius, with claims that this family name came from the Greek figure Anton, a son of Heracles. The original meaning of Anthony is unknown. The name Anthony started to become popular in the Christian world with Saint Anthony the Great, who founded Christian monasticism and is invoked against skin complaints (including "St Anthony's fire"), and Saint Anthony of Padua, who was the patron saint of Portugal and is called upon to help locate lost items. Before the sixteenth century, the name was spelled Antony (still a commonly used spelling variant today); the ‘h’ was only added when the name was mistakenly believed to come from the Greek word anthos, meaning flower. Diminutives for Anthony include Ant and Tony, and feminine variants are Antonia and Antoine. Anthony, being derived from Latin, has a lot of foreign language variants, such as Anton (Dutch), Antonios (Greek), and Antonio (Spanish). Common misspellings for Anthony include ‘Anthoney’, ‘Anothony’, and ‘Anthiny’.

The name Anthony hasn’t been out of the top hundred names for boys in the USA since 1883, and it reached the height of its popularity during the beginning of the twenty-first century. In 2014, it was the 21st most popular name for boys. During the sixties and seventies, Anthony saw some popularity as a feminine name, but it never reached higher than 748th, in 1966. The popularity of Anthony has dipped in England and Wales, falling from 65th in 1996 to 135th in 2014. Anthony is one of the most common male names in the U.S., Canada, Great Britain, and Australia.

Famous celebrities with the name Anthony include Anthony Hopkins (Welsh actor), Anthony Head (actor), author Anthony Burgess, Flemish 17th century artist Anthony van Dyck, Victorian novelist Anthony Trollope, Anthony Eden & Anthony ‘Tony’ Blair (former Prime MinisterS of Great Britain), and skateboarder Anthony ‘Tony’ Hawk.

In religious imagery, Saint Anthony of Padua is generally depicted holding the Christ Child, and is one of very few (perhaps the only) saints to be pictured this way. This is because, in Catholic canon, the Child Jesus came to Saint Anthony during his lifetime, and Saint Anthony was entrusted with his care.