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What does the name Arthur mean?

The meaning of the name “Arthur” is: “A follower of Thor; Bear Man”.

Additional information: The boy name Arthur is of Celtic - Gaelic origin and of uncertain meaning. It probably derived from the Celtic 'artos' (bear) or the Gaelic 'art' (stone). Another explanation is coming from the Roman family name Artotius. The name was borne by the legendary British King Arthur, the leader of Round Table's knights, who is believed to have reigned in the 5th or 6th century AD. The legend remained of interest through the centuries and so did the name Artur, making it very popular boy name and widely used in English speaking countries.
The name Arthur is also used as a surname.
The most famous Arthur is legendary King Arthur but it was also used by Shakespeare in his play "King John".
It is also the surname of 21st President of the US, Chester A. Arthur and actress Bea Arthur.