20 signs you have chosen the right baby name. Find the perfect name easily

It is common knowledge that one’s name becomes an integral part of his identity. Thus, one of the most crucial decisions that expecting parents face, is choosing the right baby name. People around the world have different ways of naming their children. A common practice is to name one’s child after a respected ancestor-to keep their legacy alive. Some choose names that hold a special meaning, sometimes after a favorite literary character like Shakespeare names, or movie star. Some end up choosing exotic names or virtue names, to suit the personalities they hope their kids will grow up to flaunt.

So, how to choose the perfect baby name? What is the right name for me? There might not be a unanimous answer but we are here to make sure that you pick a lovely -and perfect- name for your child. Hereby we compile twenty essential signs that will assist you in zeroing in on the right baby name you have been looking for. You can also read another article with some helpful tips about naming your baby.

20 Signs You Have Picked The Right Baby Name

The 20 signs that prove that you have chosen the perfect name are:

20. Complements the surname

Your kid is going to be stuck with the name for his eternity and you don’t want them to be made fun of because of an alliterative name. The perfect baby name will complement the surname, not rhyme nor clash with it.

19. No embarrassing initials

Just make sure that there is no way that your perfect baby name can be shortened into embarrassing initials like, say BS or JLT.

18. Adorable nickname

The name you give your child will definitely be shortened by their peers. The nick must be as adorable as the right baby name you decided on.

17. Both parents love the name

The right baby name must be adored by both parents alike. The perfect name for your precious one must ring absolute bliss. Your partner should agree with you 100% on the chosen name.

16. You can picture an adult with the name

Once you decide on a name for your kid, ask yourself one question-“would I ever vote for a president with this name?” If your answer is a yes, then you have found the right baby name.

20 Signs You Chose The Right Baby Name

15. A positive aura

Your angel deserves a name that will brighten your day with an innocent joy without pretensions.

14. Easy to pronounce

An exotic name might be a good conversation starter but chances are your kid will tire of correcting people’s pronunciations all the time. The right baby name will be easy to pronounce.

13. Easy to spell

Your child might very well decide to be a Grammar Nazi but then you don’t have to condemn them to a lifetime of correcting spelling mistakes.

12. Means something special

As long as your lovely baby name fills your heart with joy and exuberance and signifies something special, you know that you have found the right baby name.

11. Does not connote negativity

Ensure that your baby is not named after a celebrity with a history of substance abuse, for instance.

10. Don’t name your child after a fad

So you develop a knack for Greek mythology and decide to name your son Herodotus? Not a wise decision! There are plenty other beautiful Ancient Greek Names to choose from.

20 Signs You Have Chosen The Right Baby Name

9. Suits the personality you hope your child will have someday

Self-explanatory really. A bright name will definitely enhance your child’s charisma.

8. Does not rhyme with a profanity

With the knack of high-school kids coining nicknames, there is no taking chances.

7. The name is not too alternate

It might be cool to dig up rare and exotic names, however it is plain cruel to name a child too out of the ordinary. Moderation is the key.

6. Doesn’t initiate unnecessary comparison

Do not name your child after someone (maybe an ancestor or a celebrity) they might be constantly compared with.

20 Signs You Picked The Right Baby Name

5. Not too common

Make sure that five other kids in the neighborhood do not share the right baby name you decide on.

4. In keeping with the times

Fitzwilliam might have been a beautiful name, but in the Victorian age. Do not condemn your child to a life of being embarrassed of their full names.

3. A soothing middle name

Similarly do not straddle your child with a middle name they will perpetually be horrified of.

2. Your friends love it

It’s a wise decision to keep a few friends in the loop while you are in the process of naming your baby. A third opinion never hurts and might actually help you smoothen out creases that appear in the search for the right baby name.

1. A name that makes you smile

You know that you have found the right baby name when the very sound of it makes a smile appear on your face. You just know.

Finding the right baby name might not be easy, but it is not an impossible task. Your parents found the right name for you, right? When you find the perfect name, imagine your baby answering to those magical sounds for the rest of their lives and soak in the magic of it. The right sign will come along, it always does. We wish you luck and we’re here to help. We have a plethora of Unique, cool names for your baby in our wide categories section. Every name in our list comes with meaning, popularity of the name, origin, pronunciation and additional information. You can also check our articles about baby names to get some inspiration. You can start searching for a name at the following links.

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