20 Most Unusual Baby Names of 2019

With the vast array of names in the many languages of this world, it can seem daunting to think up the perfect name for your child. One easy tip is to avoid mundane and common names like Jill, Bob, Mark, Anne, etc; after that, you have a relatively smaller well to draw upon in the rare and unusual names. If you want to find the most unique baby names check out this new article.

Unusual Baby Names

Though “don’t use common names” may sound easier to say than it is to attempt, there are many resources available that can show you the most common, least unusual baby names in any given year or month, as well as how a particular name’s frequency shifted with each year based on things like census data. For example, a simple glimpse of the name “Jacob” on www.ssa.gov/OACT/babynames/ shows that it was the most popular U.S. boy’s name of 2012 and has held that title as far back as the year 1999, though it dropped at the third position for 2013, fourth position for 2015, 7th position for 2016, 10th position for 2017, 13th position for 2018 and keeps on dropping positions further.

Another way to use such sites is to do a search for the top names of a given year and to choose a name unrelated to any of the results. But if you are looking for unusual names for your baby just browse through our wide list of unusual names or explore our website and find what you are looking for.


20 Most Unusual Baby Names 2019

If you’re interested in a few specific instances of unique baby names, consider these examples:

Unusual Boy Names

  • Boy’s Name #1: Asher Hebrew for “happy” or “blessing”
  • Boy’s Name #2: Stelios Greek for “pillar, Orthodox Saint, protector of children”
  • Boy’s Name #3: Kaden Irish (variation of Cayden) for “fighter” with two other meanings in different countries and cultures
  • Boy’s Name #4: Garret English for “To Watch; Rules by the spear” or “hard/bold spear”
  • Boy’s Name #5: Uri Hebrew for “My light” or “My fire”
  • Boy’s Name #6: Guillermo Spanish version of the name “William

Unusual Girl Names

  • Girl’s Name #1: Raya Israeli for “friend”
  • Girl’s Name #2: Danika Russian for “morning star”
  • Girl’s Name #3: Teagan Irish for “Attractive, Little poet”
  • Girl’s Name #4: Elspeth Scottish version of “Elizabeth,” which means “My god is an oath/abundance”
  • Girl’s Name #5: Diamond Derived from the Greek word for “untamable,” much like the gemstone
  • Girl’s Name #6: Sidra Israeli for “Star Born; of the stars”

If sorting through lists isn’t really your preferred method for finding the perfect name, another method for gleaning unique names, while avoiding utterly bizarre baby names would be to examine some children of celebrities whom easily register on the Unusual Baby Names list.

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Odd Celebrity Boy & Girl Names

  • Yngwie Malmstein. This Swedish neo-classical rocker is mentioned as an example of a cool name that others may not care for due to being a foreign language and being thought unpronounceable by some.

    Yngwie Malmstein
    Yngwie Malmstein
  • “Blanket” Jackson. Prince Michael “Blanket” Jackson II makes this list because most people will call him “Blanket” out of an unwillingness to refer to someone with a title in their name by that name.

    Jermaine Jackson
    Jermaine Jackson
  • Sage Moonblood. Sylvester Stallone gave this awesome name to his son.
  • Jermajesty This name, by father Jermaine Jackson, is proof that you shouldn’t combine puns and royal titles in a name.
  • Khaleesi Those familiar with the HBO hit series Game of Thrones should recognize this word. In 2018, 560 children were given the name Khaleesi, although 368 children were given the name of Khaleesi in the year 2014, 341 girls were named Khaleesi in 2015, rising from 146 children in 2012, the problem here is that Khaleesi is a title; a more apt description of the failing here would be naming a child Darth. Khaleesi is the honorific bestowed to the character Daenerys Targaryen.
  • North West The daughter of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian makes this list because having such a name will not only garner her a good amount of bullying and mockery, (we totally wish it won’t) but it’s a horrible pun.

    Kanye West - Kim Kardasian And North West
    Kanye West – Kim Kardasian and North West
  • Memphis Eve The name given to Bono’s daughter.
  • Fifi Trixibelle The daughter of Bob Geldof and Paula Yates.

    Fifi Trixibelle Geldof
    Fifi Trixibelle Geldof

Ultimately, the most unique thing about your child is that that child is yours. As long as you love your child, whichever name you choose is second place to your child’s spirit. That being said, consider how society will react when presented with an extremely esoteric or odd name.


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