50 Most Unique Baby Names for 2020

Are you expecting a baby for 2020? Do you want to spare your child the monotony of having a boring name like John, Rick, Steve, Emily, or Jessica? It’s time to start searching for unique baby names so that your little one can grow up proud of their lineage. Unique names ensure children grow up with a good self-esteem and a unique identity, but this can also back fire. So, before making your choice, find out which are the most unique baby names, keep on reading and see the list at the end of this post. If you want to find the top unique baby names for 2019 check out our this article.

Unique Baby Names or just Unusual Names?

That’s why it’s very important for parents to not go over board and choose completely unusual baby names like Lamp, Blanket, Table, or Phone. Names like these are novel, but the teasing they will endure throughout adolescence makes naming them something like this literally an act of cruelty. Likewise, you don’t want your child in school with fifty other children with the exact same name either. Talk about a self-esteem blow.

Any parent knows the struggle that begins the moment they realize they must choose a name for who will undoubtedly be the most important person in their entire life. It must be the perfect choice too, one a parent and child can be proud of and live with for the rest of their lives here on Earth. No pressure, right?

How to Choose a Unique Name the easy way

Don’t panic! The good news is that the hardest part about picking out unique baby names is having too many choices to sort through. The best way to start is to print out lists of unique names, or just write them down. Search through tons of choices, and only record the names that have a special ring and stir something inside of you when you say them out loud. Read our article for more tips and what to consider when naming your baby for some help about choosing a name.

Unusual Baby Names

Are Popular Names becoming Unique?

The top ten most popular names in the U.S. of 2018 are listed on the official Social Security Administration website every year. The most popular name last year was Liam, followed by Noah in second place, and William in third. The top 3 most popular girl names in order of preference last year were EmmaOlivia and Ava. This shows that Americans are moving away from names like John, Steve, Nicole, Tiffany, or Beth.

It is also important to completely trace the origins and the unique names meanings of each choice making sure that you don’t choose something now that you or your child will hate later. Unique names meanings can include, Amelia which means hard working and industrious, or Ophelia derived from the Greek word for “help.” Remember that that the name you choose will have long lasting impact on your child.

Unique Boy Names

Most Unique Baby Names of Celebrity choices

Some of the most unique celebrity baby names, as celebrities are known for choosing outrageous names for their children, are Michael Jackson’s Blanket, Taylor Hanson’s Wilhelmina, and Angelina Jolie’s Zahara Marley. Perhaps they are rich enough to feel comfortable with these bizarre titles. Other gems include Jessica Simpson’s Ace Knute, Gwen Stefani‘s Apollo Bowie Flynn, and Kate Hudson‘s Bingham (Bing for short).

Celebrity Baby Names

Sources for Unique Names

The last decade ushered in a plethora of uncommon baby names, and in 2019 many more middle class parents chose new and unique baby names such as Raphael, Sapphire, Rebel, and Adelaide. People are taking their inspiration from many different sources: the Bible, Greek Mythology, nature, music, and even day to day objects.

50 Most Unique Baby Names
The 50 most unique baby names

Unusual Baby Names for Boys and Girls

There are uncommon baby names, but then there are downright unusual baby names. Some of the weirdest unique boy’s names so far this year have been: Danish, Phone, Messiah, Cheese, Butterbean, Butt, Patio, and Swag. For Girls, names like Blue, Stevia, Princess, Lexus, Kiwi, Dharma, and Claudine are becoming more normal than ever before. With names like these in 2019, what should we expect for 2020?

The list of outrageous names could go on and on. A parent’s job will be to choose one that is a happy medium between the mundane and the freakish. Something that represents your child’s personality and depth. Remember that they will have to live with it, not you! Some down-to-Earth choices for unique boys names include Windsor, Spencer, Arthur, Maximillian, Theodore, Broth, Blue, and Sturgeon. Some great choices for unique girls names are Kia, Scarlet, Aberdeen, Tansy, Sonata, California, Africa, America, and Cassandra.

These are just a few options to help you on the way to find unique names for your special new friend. Choose wisely!

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Top 50 Most Unique Baby Names


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