50 Most Unique Boy Names of 2017


Choosing the right name for your baby boy is a thoughtful process. You want a name he can be proud of as he grows up. It also has to grow with him and not sound childish once he does get older. Many parents choose to look for unique boy names to help their son stand out with a name, unlike their classmates and friends. If you are expecting and looking for unique boy names in 2017 this is the perfect place to get some help, so keep reading to find the perfect name for your new baby boy.


Why Choose a Unique Boy Name?

Unique names for boys are something that your son will feel proud of when he’s older. Names that aren’t like all the rest help your child to feel a greater sense of identity, and he can embrace the fact that he’s different from those around him. A unique name gives your child the sense that you really thought the name you wanted to give him, instead of choosing a trendy, popular name for the time.


Historical Significance of Unique Boy Names 2017

Many of the unique names that made our list have a lot of historical references and importance for many different reasons. For example, Rocco was a 14th century French Saint during the plague. He is known as the patron saint of the sick. Gareth is a name that was first noticed in the original written story of King Arthur, giving it a very unique historical origin. Maverick is also an American name without a clear origin, but I became famous because of a cattle herder who stood up for his rights in the old West.

Mars, Apollo, Orion, Zeke, Arlo, and Marcello are some of the oldest names on this list of unique names. These haven’t been popular names in English speaking countries for many years, making them a good mix of obscure, yet reasonable names for a modern boy in 2017.

50 Unique Boy Names With Meanings For Your Baby.

Trends towards Choosing a Unique Name

In 2017, there are a lot of parents looking for a unique name that’s not too crazy or ridiculous. It’s hard to find a unique name for boy children without choosing a name that borders on silly! But, there are quite a few awesome names that might be just perfect for your baby boy this year.

One of the trends in unique names for boys is choosing a genderless name. These names can be used for boys or girls, and they aren’t feminine or masculine. Many parents like this because partially because they can choose the name before knowing the sex of the child, and it works for both. Some examples on our list are Quinn, Finn, Lachlan, Keegan, and Ollie.

Another trend is to choose a name that’s spelled differently or a foreign version of a traditionally popular name. We see this with Viktor, Marc (last popular in 1970, ranked at #60 in the US), Zeke, Paolo, and Olivier.

If you look at the last trend, it’s easier to see than some of the others on the list. Many names that used to be surnames are being switched to given names, including Crosby, Gordon, Kingston, Reed, Ripley, and Remington.


Celebrities with Unique Names for Boys

Celebrities have always been on the trend of picking unique names. Here are some of the unique boy names they’ve chosen lately that you might find interesting:


Find a Name That’s Special to You

It’s not about what’s popular or what the latest trends are in naming. At the end of the day, naming your son is about finding something that defines your son and brings something special to his life. Choose his name wisely, based on both your heart and your head.


Top 50 Unique Boys Names 2017

  1. Apollo (Greek name meaning “Meanly Beauty”)
  2. Zane (Original Hebrew version of the name John, meaning “Gift from God”)
  3. Maddox (Welsh name meaning “Fortunate”)
  4. Zeke (Hebrew name meaning “God strengthens”)
  5. Caspian (Place name taken from the Caspian Sea)
  6. Gunner (Swedish name meaning “Battle strong”)
  7. Darius (Persian name meaning “Rich and kingly” or “He who holds firm to good”)
  8. Orion (Greek name meaning “Rising in the sky”)
  9. Jett (A shiny black semi-precious stone)
  10. Cedric (Welsh name meaning “Bounty”)
  11. Rocco (Italian and Ancient Germanic name meaning “Rest”)
  12. Ryker (Dutch name meaning “Rich”)
  13. Ace (English name meaning “Unity” or “Noble”)
  14. Mars (Roman god of war, or a place name for the planet Mars)
  15. Bo (Swedish name meaning “To live”)
  16. Gordon (Scottish name meaning “Spacious Fort”)
  17. Finn (Irish name meaning “Fair”)
  18. Gareth (From the legend of King Arthur. Meaning “Gentle”)
  19. Kingston (Place name from Kingston, Jamaica, or English name meaning “King’s Field”)
  20. Knox (Scottish name meaning “From the small hill”)
  21. Leo (Latin name meaning “Lion”)
  22. Marc (Derived version of “Mars”, the Roman God of War and the fourth planet)
  23. Maxwell (Scottish name meaning “Mack’s stream”)
  24. Olivier (French name meaning “From the olive tree”)
  25. Paolo (Italian name meaning “Small”)
  26. Quinn (Gaelic name meaning “Wisdom, reason, intelligence”)
  27. Reed (Old English name meaning “Red”)
  28. Ripley (English name meaning “From the shouter’s meadow”)
  29. Skyler (American spelling of Dutch name Schuyler, meaning “Scholar”)
  30. Thierry (Old Germanic name meaning “Powerful”)
  31. Viktor (Latin name meaning “Conqueror”)
  32. Wes (Possible Old English origin, meaning “West”)
  33. Grey (English name from the color word “gray”)
  34. Ridge (English name meaning “Edge” or “From the ridge”)
  35. Crosby (Norse name meaning “Dwells at the shrine of the cross”)
  36. Dexter (Greek name meaning “Skilled”)
  37. Gus (English name meaning “Majestic”)
  38. Maverick (American name meaning “Independent”)
  39. Keegan (Irish name meaning “Fiery” or “Thinker”)
  40. Rhett (Welsh name meaning “Ardent”)
  41. Arlo (Old English name meaning “Fortified hill”)
  42. Edison (English name meaning “Eddie’s son”)
  43. Hugo (Germanic name meaning “Intelligence”)
  44. Ollie (Derived from French name Olivier, meaning “Olive tree”)
  45. Marcelo (Italian name from Latin Marcellus, meaning “Hammer”)
  46. Lucian (Roman name meaning “Light”)
  47. Remington (English name meaning “From the raven farm”)
  48. Lachlan (Scottish name meaning “Land of the lochs”)
  49. Alonso (Spanish name meaning “Eager for battle”)
  50. Franco (Latin name meaning “Frenchman”)

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