Baby names 2017 – Our 20 New choices

Our 20 New Baby Name Choices for 2017

2017 is a new year filled with a variety of new baby names for parents to sort through. Trends started at the end of 2016 and are predicted to influence the names of 2017 babies. Take a look at some of the trends for new girl names and boy names for this year! Keep on reading to find our top 10 lists with the best baby names 2017.


Reasons to Choose New Baby Names 2017

Trending names don’t always mean that the names are popular or overused. A trending name simply means that other parents are starting to use a certain type of name again, so you can follow the trend and find a perfect name for your baby that’s similar, but not the same, as other kids. This means your child will still fit in with many of their agemates without all having the same few popular names.


Top Baby Names 2017

Baby Naming Trends for 2017

In 2017 there will be a few types of names that show up more than others. Literary names are making a comeback, such as Ella, Edison, Noah, Scarlett, and Beauregard. These names come from past intellectual figures or famous fictional characters.

Power names are also going to be used a lot in 2017. These are names like Odin, Ka, Maverick, Gunther, Gabriel, and Victoria. On the opposite side, we are also seeing a rise in softer names such as Bowie, Ava, and Isabella. These names aren’t necessarily weak or hold soft meanings, but they have a light and beautiful sound that works well with other names.

Two other trends you can see are water or water-related names and Heroic names. River and Moana are two names that are trending for 2017 in the water category. Heroic names don’t necessarily mean ancient names, but merely names of those that people find to be heroes from fiction or real life. This includes the new Disney hero Moana, Odin, Bowie, Benajah, and Scarlett.


What Celebrities are Naming Their Kids for 2017

It’s not always a great idea to follow celebrity baby naming trends, but sometimes they get it very right! In 2017, a lot of celebs have started some trends that we think are absolutely fabulous, and would work well for other babies too! These are our favorites celebrity baby names 2017 so far:


Baby Names and Your Child

What you name your baby is going to be important throughout their entire life. If any of the naming trends of 2017 resonate with you, you can join up and give your son or daughter a beautiful name from our list of baby names 2017. Otherwise, look around until you find the perfect name for your new baby, and don’t feel pressured to go along with what other parents are doing!

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Baby Names 2017 – Top 10 Boy Names

  1. Benajah

This is a newer name that’s derived from the Hebrew name “Benaiah”, who was a figure in the Old Testament. The new spelling is a modern update to the name, bringing it back into more popular use in 2017. It means “God built”.

  1. Kyd

Traditionally used as a surname, this Anglo-Scottish name is actually being switched to a given name that a lot of new parents are interested in. It means “baby goat”, but don’t let that dissuade you from the short and simple name for your baby boy.

  1. Beauregard

One of the 2017 naming trends is old-fashioned names. That’s a category this name definitely falls into! It comes from the French language and means “Respected”, making it a great choice for young men.

  1. Gunther

A power name of Germanic origins, Gunther is a name that projects confidence and strength. It’s no wonder that parents are interested in this name for 2017. The name holds the meaning “Warrior”.

  1. Bowie

The reason for “Bowie” to grow in popularity as a name is because of the late David Bowie. This is a tribute name that we are likely to see used often for boy names in 2017. It means “blond”.

  1. Noah

Noah has been a somewhat popular name since 1995, but it has really increased in usage and looks like a great name choice for 2017. It’s a heroic name, borrowed from the Biblical figure by the same name, and it means “rest” or “comfort”.

  1. Gabriel

Another power name, Gabriel is the name of the Biblical archangel. It comes from Hebrew origins and means “God is my strength”.

  1. Edison

Literary names have been making a slow comeback since around 2010, but in 2017 we can expect to see a few more intellectual names popping up, such as Edison. It means “Edi’s Son”, but the namesake of Thomas Edison is what makes this a stellar choice for a boy in 2017.

  1. Odin

If you really want to talk about power, Odin was a mythological Norse god. The name means “Inspiration, rage, frenzy” and was given to the god of war, art, wisdom, and death.

  1. Maverick

In the US, Maverick is a name associated with nonconformity and standing up for what you believe in. What a fantastic choice for your baby boy to grow up with! It means “Independent”.

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Baby Names 2017 – Top 10 Girl Names

  1. Ella

Just as literary names are coming into popularity for boys, girl names are also reflecting this trend. Ella Fitzgerald, the jazz singer, is the most notable namesake for this classic that’s coming back into style. It’s an English name that means “Beautiful fairy”.

  1. Moana

Presumably because of the Disney movie released in 2016, parents of baby girls are starting to use this Hawaiian name that was given to the heroine of the animated film. It means “Deep sea” or “ocean”.

  1. Ava

Ava is one of the beautiful, light names that is coming up as a trend for 2017 girl names. It comes from the Latin word “avis” that means “Bird”.

  1. River

Baby girls named River are popping up already, including a celebrity baby named near the end of 2016. We think that in 2017 this name will become even more popular and will be seen a lot. It’s an American name that means “a large stream of flowing water”.

  1. Scarlett

This is another literary name, taken from Scarlett O’Hara of Gone with the Wind. It’s also a heroine name, as Scarlett Johannsen is an inspirational figure for a lot of women around the world. Scarlett means “red”.

  1. Victoria

Female power names are also trending for 2017, and this is a great example. Victoria means “Victory” or “Conquer” and may inspire your daughter to be more confident throughout her life. The name has Latin roots and origins in Roman mythology, as the goddess of victory held the name.

  1. Ily

A new name that is trending in the US for 2017 is Ily. It’s a completely new name that comes from the acronym ILY (“I Love You”). This is a beautiful new American name that many parents are embracing.

  1. Isabella

With Italian origins, Isabella is a beautiful name that’s soft and easy to pair with any surname or middle names. It means “Consecrated to God”.

  1. Ka

This is both a literary name and a power name. It is an Ancient Egyptian name that means “Spark of Life”, and it was held by the Predynastic Pharaoh of Egypt.

  1. Dream

Parents in 2017 are leaning towards some inspirational names for their baby girls, including the name Dream. It’s a word name that means exactly as it says, and is synonymous with inspiration and hope.


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