Classic Baby Names: 100 Old Fashioned Names are back

Being a parent isn’t easy. The majority of people would have agreed with that statement as it entails the responsibility of raising a child into a proper and fine being. Hence, choosing a name befitting for your baby boy or baby girl is another hard task for both new and expectant parents alike would undergo. There are so many options, one is to choose among classic baby names, another is to search for a more trendy name, maybe just pass on your family name, or just pick one from the most popular ones? Keep calm, its not that hard.

Time is running out and a baby will be born in a matter of days or weeks. You would not want others to make fun of your child for a poor name of choice, would you? And the best way to avoid this from happening is to go with the classical ones. Why classic names? The answer is quite simple: you’ll never go wrong with classics.

Classic names don’t sound old school at all. If you search a little deeper to its origins, you’ll find out in no time that these names have more into it. It’s not just creating an impression that your child is exuding qualities of being prim and proper, like the Royalties, nor the unparalleled intelligence possessed by famous scientists or great philosophers in their respective era. Names used in the Victorian era are often perceived as old fashioned, traditional or classic names. These names have far richer meaning and you may consider naming your baby after it, putting an end to your long and unusual degree of intensity of contemplating for the appropriate name that would, definitely, live up to its expectations.

Classic Baby Names, Traditional And Old Fashioned Names

Classic Baby Names

You probably encountered lots of people with names like John or Mary. These may have a biblical sound to it but there’s no way we could overlook the fact that the holy book, itself, plays a huge influence in inspiring parents to name their child after a renowned biblical character. Other than that, classic names will never go extinct regardless of what generation we belong to. They will remain popular or will continue to exist even hundreds of years from now especially if the family has strong ties to their culture and tradition. Here are few examples of classic names that are still in use nowadays:

Classic Boy names: Oliver, Thomas, Edward, Jonathan, Phillip
Classic Girl names: Emily, Amelia, Claire, Annabelle, Sarah


Top Classic Baby Names

The SSA has released an official list of popular names for the year 2013. Classic names still dominate the rankings and the following names that will appear below made it to the top 20.

Top Classic Boy names

Top Classic Girl names


Classic Baby Names and their Meanings

As mentioned earlier, names weren’t just a result of a spur in creativity. Names may have a deeper meaning despite looking simple in spelling and in hearing. Examples are:

Classic boy names meanings:

Daniel – from the Hebrew word, meaning ‘God is my judge’
Benjamin – Hebrew word meaning ‘son of the right hand’
Dominic – derived from the Latin word “Dominicus” which means ‘belonging to God’ and is occasionally given to children born on Sundays.
Richard – German word meaning ‘strong ruler’
Peter – derived from the Greek name “Petros” (in Latin “Petrus”) meaning ‘rock’


Classic girl names meanings:

Abigail – Hebrew word for ‘my father is rejoicing’
Anna – variation of the Hebrew name “Hannah”, meaning ‘grace’
Morgan – originally Welsh for two words combined meaning ‘sea and circle’ or ‘one who lives near the sea’.
Esther – Persian word which means ‘star’
Beatrice – Latin for ‘she who brings happiness’


Celebrities with Classic Names

It’s true that celebrities are partly responsible to why there’s always a change in trend. We’ve seen these people in television and, sometimes, we can’t help but admire them thus we consider what’s in or not, and what’s hot or not, depending on what’s presented by the media. But it’s not true that classics have no way for Hollywood, etc. These notable celebrities have classic names, that definitely disproves that earlier notion:

Celebrities with classic boy names: Leonardo DiCaprio, Johnny Depp, David Beckham, Edward Christopher Sheeran, Dwight Howard
Celebrities with classic girl names: Emma Watson, Jessica Simpson, Penelope Cruz, Hayley Williams, Alexandra Daddario


Old Fashioned And Classic Baby Names

Old Fashioned Baby Names

Old fashion seems to have a negative connotation in the present time especially that people, nowadays, are very much conscious to follow the current trend; otherwise, we will be made as laughingstocks by the people around us. Just like clothes, names have gone through similar circumstances. What’s not to love about these old fashioned names, anyway? Especially, if you named or are planning to name your child after your loving and super sweet grandparents, so you will definitely remember that same sugary feeling with your granny or gramps whenever you mention your child’s name. Examples of such are the following:

Old fashioned boy names: George, Ferdinand, Francisco, Johnny, Donald

Old fashioned girl names: Olivia, Rosie, Lucy, Clara, Priscilla

Vintage Baby Names And Traditional Names

Vintage Baby Baby Names

One major difference that distinguishes classic from vintage baby names was that the latter refers to the specific era in the timeline. John and Mary remained unbeaten for the past hundred years until they were dethroned by names which continued to rise in popularity though, currently, they weren’t as much as proliferate as before. They became so popular during their respective decade thus babies born at that time may either have one of these vintage names mentioned below:

Vintage boy names: Oscar (1890s), Fred (1900s), Eugene (1930s), Steven (1950s), Jeffrey (1960s)

Vintage girl names: Florence (1900s), Dorothy (1920s), Barbara (1940s), Pamela (1950s), Jennifer (1970s)

Should I choose among Classic baby names or go for a trendy one? Don’t worry, because in the end, names are not the absolute measurement to determine how your child will act in the near future but names, truly, are the subtle manifestations of parents’ inspirations and expectations for their offspring. Choose a name wisely, with all your love to it. Remember, you are going to call that name for the rest of your life, and your new born baby will hear it for the rest of its own. Read some more, if you still need help on choosing a cute baby name or choose from the following top 50 classic names for boys and girls.

Top 50 Classic boy Names

Grady: This name of Gaelic origin means “renowned.”
Elias: Is of Greek and Hebrew origin and means “the Lord is my God.”
Truman: An Old English name which means “loyal one.”
Ike: This is a Hebrew name, meaning “laughter.”
Wade: This is a Scandinavian name which means “river ford.”
Henry: Derivative of Harry, keeps on gaining popularity.
Van: Of Danish origin and means “of.”
Basil: A Greek name that means “royal, kingly.”
Cleve: Old English name which meang “cliff, land of cliffs”.
Wesley: Another Old English name meaning “western meadow”.
Calvin: An Old French name with a rather unique meaning “little bald one.”
Arthur: This ancient name is reminiscent of the legend of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table.
Archie: English name, used as a nickname for Archibald. The first name of the son of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex aka Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.
Ezra: Hebrew name meaning “helper”.
Ross: Scottish name that means “headland”.
Leo: Of Latin origin and meaning “lion”.
Myron: A Greek name that means “myrrh, fragrant oil.”
Jasper: Another Persian name that means “treasure holder”.
Nelson: A variation of the name Neil, which is a Gaelic name meaning “champion”.
Victor: A Latin name meaning “champion”.
Silas: Another Latin name that and means “forest, woods”
Grant: A Scottish name that means “tall, big”.
Felix: Of Latin origin, a name that means “fortunate, lucky”.
Wilson: Old English name that means “son of William“.
Clayton: Meaning “clay settlement” this name has an Old English origin.
Jack: Another form of John, an Old English name that means “the Lord is gracious”.
Max: A name that was popular decades ago and becoming even more popular.
Porter: This name means “gatekeeper” and is of English origin.
Pierce: A derivative of the name Peter meaning “rock”.
Foster: An occupational name which means “woodsman”
Perry: This name means “traveler, wanderer” and comes from Latin origin.
Byron: Old English name that means “at the byres”.
Warner: Old German name meaning “army guard”.
Oliver: This name means “olive tree” and comes from Latin origin.
Rex: Another Latin name that one means “king”
Miles: One more Latin name which has the meaning “soldier”.
Harlan: Of Old English origin, meaning “army land”.
Sam: A nickname for the name Samuel, widely used as a an independent first name.
Morton: This Old English name has the meaning “Moor town”.
Harry: Of Old German origin, a name that means “home ruler”.
Morris: Derivative of the Latin name Maurice, meaning “Moorish”.
Ira: Of Hebrew origin and meaning “watchful, full grown”.
Oscar: Old English origin and meaning “spear of the gods”.
Forrest: A name that means “woodsman”.
Stuart: Another occupational name that means “steward”.
Emory: Of English origin that means “home strength”.
Owen: A Welsh name, popular in the 1900’s and now, that means “well-born, noble”.
Levi: Another popular name in the early 1900’s, of Hebrew origin that meaning “joined”.
Judson: A variation of the name Jude.
Simon: Of Hebrew origin , meaning “to hear”.

Top 50 Classic girl Names

Molly: An Irish form of the name Mary, it means “star of the sea”.
Lila: Of Arabic origin,  meaning “night”.
Anne: This name with Hebrew origin, meaning “favored grace”.
Hazel: Of Old English origin, meaning “the hazel tree”.
Lucy: A name of  Latin origin, this means “light”.
Catherine: A Greek name that means “pure”. Also spelled as “Katherine“.
Vera: A Latin name that means “truth”.
Velma: Derivative of the  name Wilma which means “determined protector”.
Lillian: Of Latin origin, meaning “lily”. Lily is quite popular today.
Hannah: Another name which is very popular again, after centuries. Of Hebrew origin, meaning “favored grace”.
Lydia: This Ancient Greek name that means “from Lydia” (an area in Asia where Midas and Croesus resided).
Evelyn: Of Norman origin but widely used as an English surname.
Stella: A Latin name that means “star”.
Geneva: An Old French name that means “juniper tree”.
Nora: Of English origin, meaning “woman of honor”.
Belle: A French name that means “beautiful”.
Emma: Hugely popular since the 1880’s and trending nowadays. It means “entire, universal”.
Grace: A Latin name that means “with favor”.
Faye: This name means “loyalty, belief”.
Birdie: Another classic name, meaning “bright, famous, little bird”.
Myra: Of Greek origin, meaning “myrrh”.
Sadie: Of Hebrew origin, meaning “princess”.
Mae: A variation of the name May, the fifth month of the year.
Alice: Is an Old German name that means “noble, exalted”.
Lenora: A variation of the Greek name Helen.This name means “sun ray, shining light”.
Sylvia: Of Latin origin that means “woods, forest”.
Della: A German name, meaning “noble”.
Ella: An Old German name, meaning “other, foreign”.
Jane: feminine form of the name John, meaning “the Lord is gracious”.
Eleanor: Another variation of the Greek name Helen, meaning “sun ray, shining light”.
Caroline: This was the name of George II’s queen consort in the 1700’s.
Neva: A Latin name, meaning “snow”.
Amelia: Of Old German origin, meaning “industrious, striving”. Also the name of a princess in England.
Clarissa: An elegant name, variation of Latin Clarice, found in many medieval documents.
Victoria: This is the female version of the name Victor, meaning “Victory”. Once widely given in honor of England’s Queen Victoria.
Cora: A fictional name, possibly invented by author James Fenimore Cooper in 1826’s “Last of the Mohicans”.
Lola: A short form of the Spanish name Delores, meaning “sorrows”.
Roxie: Of Persian origin that means means “dawn”.
Elena: Another version of Helen which means “sun ray, shining light”.
Clara: A Latin name, this means “famous, brilliant.” Another form of this name is Claire.
Ruth: A Biblical name that means “friend, companion”.
Hattie: This is a popular form of the name Harriet and means “home ruler.”
Rose: A floral name of Latin origin that means “rose”.
Pearl: Of Latin origin, meaning “pearl”.
Adele: An Old German name that means “noble”.
Lorene: Another form of the name Laura, meaning “the laurel plant”.
Violet: It means “purple” and has another variation, Viola.
Ruby: Of English origin, a name that refers to the beautiful red gemstone.
Vivian: A name of Latin origin that means “lively”.
Miriam: An older version of the name Mary.

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