Cool Boy Names – How to Choose a Cool Boy Name

Who doesn’t love cool boy names? You might already have a baby boy who isn’t named or maybe you are about to deliver. Whatever the situation may be coming up with a name or choosing a cool boy name is a very tiresome and confusing task.
You might want to search the web for some options on cool boy names. Well, you’re at the right place!

Choosing a Cool Boy Name Tips

If you are planning on naming your baby, you should pretend that you are naming yourself. Ask yourself this question, ‘what would you want to represent you?’ Usually parents like a name which is liked by everybody but used by no one.

What is a cool boy name?

Your little guy will have a lot of mojo from the start if he has a cool name. While the term “cool” is unquestionably subjective, there are few characteristics that make a name meet the term. A cool name avoids overuse and, more often than not, draws the attention of the listener with its flair. It might be trendy, like Charlie, or it can be distinctive, like Flynn.

Cool Boy Names based on Trends

Trends keep on changing. Whatever is in vogue this year may seem extremely passé next year. So, it is important to choose your child’s name wisely. You can search books and other web resources. You can also mix two names up.

Cool Boy Names from Literature and Music

Cool boy names can also be found in literature. Atticus from To Kill a Mockingbird and Jonas and Asher from The Giver are among the characters. Jacob and Uriah are two examples of cool boy names found in the Bible. Another excellent source is music, which includes artists such as Mick Jagger and Jimi Hendrix.

Places Names and Nature Names for boy

You can make the last name the first name or name your child after places, cities, or nature. Whichever name you choose, you should like that name and make sure your child won’t end up getting teased due to his name. See more tips on choosing the ideal baby name.
Cool Boy Names, Unique Cool Baby Names For Cool Boys

Cool Boy Names from TV and Movies

Cool boy names can be found everywhere, but television and movies have a lot of them. The edgy Jax and Nero from Sons of Anarchy, as well as hipster favorites like Tommen and Ramsay from Game of Thrones, may sound familiar. There are lots of competitors on the silver screen, such as Dashiell, Lucius, and Winston in The Incredibles 2.

There are also iconic movie characters like Rick and Victor from Casablanca that exude flair. Clark, Gable, Dean, and Brando are all cool newborn boy names that can be seen on the Walk of Fame.

Things to consider before choosing a cool boy name

Sometimes naming a child might end up in a conflict with your partner. He might not like the name or she thinks the name isn’t appropriate. The spelling of the name isn’t that important. You should make sure that name sounds right and suits your baby boy.

Certain countries might have a stern roster of proper names but thankfully the US goes with anything. The name will stay with your child for life, therefore the name you choose should be sensible. You can also keep a list of favorites it can be really handy.

The name should also go with the last name. Your baby boy’s name should sound melodious when spoken aloud.

The first name should not rhyme with the last name. A unique or unusual name will help your child stand out of the crowd.

You can also name your baby after a relative, grandparent or best friend. Make sure the name has a good meaning. The initials of the name should be modest and not sound funny.

Certain cool baby boy names used by celebrities are given below:

But there are plenty of other cool boy names and cool girl names available for you to choose from.

Check out our selection of 100 cool baby names to find the perfect name, along with meaning, pronunciation, popularity, and additional information about it.

100 Cool Boy Names and Meanings

Click on a name to discover the meaning and more.

  1. Andirs
  2. Beau
  3. Carter
  4. Griffin
  5. Vander
  6. Xanto
  7. Gavin
  8. Mason
  9. Niko
  10. Philip
  11. Taj
  12. Alexander
  13. Harley
  14. Calder
  15. James
  16. Houston
  17. Justice
  18. Matteo
  19. Lincoln
  20. Thor
  21. Chase
  22. Taylor
  23. William
  24. Aston
  25. Zander
  26. Damian
  27. Ethan
  28. Gunnar
  29. Dante
  30. Beckett
  31. Landon
  32. Bryce
  33. Jai
  34. Rex
  35. Kian
  36. Ayden
  37. Keenan
  38. Maddox
  39. Lawson
  40. Aiden
  41. Luca
  42. Asher
  43. Cooper
  44. Emmett
  45. Royce
  46. Dean
  47. Teo
  48. Max
  49. Remy
  50. Sebastian
  51. Dillon
  52. Jameson
  53. Finn
  54. Oliver
  55. Jackson
  56. Jax
  57. Colten
  58. Deacon
  59. Virgil
  60. Cash
  61. Ryder
  62. Kendrick
  63. Logan
  64. Wyatt
  65. Noah
  66. Elvis
  67. Brody
  68. Barack
  69. Jake
  70. Cole
  71. Lucien
  72. Lennox
  73. Matias
  74. Jayden
  75. Malcolm
  76. Cyrus
  77. Lucas
  78. Vance
  79. Maverick
  80. Tesher
  81. Brighton
  82. Liam
  83. Marco
  84. Collin
  85. Bennett
  86. Jaxon
  87. Jude
  88. Loeb
  89. Zane
  90. Theo
  91. Orion
  92. Callum
  93. Grayson
  94. Dax
  95. Oscar
  96. Atticus
  97. Thane
  98. Angus
  99. Leo
  100. Hudson

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