Cool Christian Names: 40 Best Baby Names that are Cool and Spiritual

The Bible is not just a source of Gods teachings but a good source of Christian names for your little ones as well! These bible names are from characters that play different roles in the Old Testament and the New Testament. In both these Holy books, you will find beautiful Christian names and meanings that you may haven’t been aware of. And guess what? Many of these names are pretty cool. There are actually many Cool Christian names and many names that are Christian and you just didn’t know. And what a better honour is, than to give a Cool Christian name to your child after a figure from the holy book of God!

Common Christian Names

John is one of the most common Bible names. John was the one who baptized our Lord Jesus Christ in the river. There are many variations of John and people have added twists to this name such as Johnny, like in the famous hot icon Johnny Depp. There are many Christian names that are used widely today. These biblical names and meanings give significances to the new parents, especially those who are firm believers of Christ. Christian names vary and could either be Old Testament names or New Testament names. Bible names are often used because of their inspirational and great meanings, and the acts of the personalities as appear in the Bible.


Below you will find the Coolest Christian Names for your baby boy or girl

Cool Christian Names For Baby Boy And Baby GirlCool Christian Boy Names

  • Abiel: In Hebrew, this means God is my father. Abiel was the grandfather of Saul found in the Old Testament.
  • Christian: Means follower of Christ or Christ-like.
  • Emmanuel: The names of Jesus which means God is with us.
  • Gabriel: Means man of God. He is one of the seven Archangels.
  • Ethan: In Hebrew means solid or enduring. This name is found in the Old Testament.
  • Isaac: A Hebrew name meaning he laughs. Isaac is the son of Abraham.
  • Jericho: A city in Israel.
  • Adam: First man created by God.
  • Lot: Abraham’s nephew who lived in Sodom and was a decent man.
  • Jacob: One of the twin sons of Isaac and Rebecca. He is the twin of Esau.
  • Joshua: The new leader chosen by God after Moses died.
  • Solomon: One of Israel’s youngest and greatest Kings.
  • Elijah: A prophet who spoke for God. People visited him to know what would happen in the future. He rode a chariot of fire to heaven.
  • Gideon: Is a Hebrew judge. He destroyed an idol to a false god.
  • Samson: He had incredible strength coming from his hair that is why he never cut it.

Cool Christian Girl Names

  • Naomi: In Hebrew this name means pleasantness. Found in the Old Testament, as the mother-in-law of Ruth.
  • Priscilla: A Roman name found in the New Testament, Book of Acts.
  • Sarah: The wife of Abraham, the name means lady, princess, noble woman.
  • Alexandra: Defender of mankind. Found in the Book of Mark.
  • Carmel: Means a fruitful field.
  • Adalia: In Hebrew means Yahweh is Just.
  • Candace: Mentioned in the New Testament which means queen mother.
  • Eve: The wife of Adam and the first woman God created.
  • Angel: Little guardians of heaven.
  • Esther: Wife of the Persian king named Ahasuerus.
  • Delilah: A beautiful and charming Philistine woman who made Samson fell in love.

Celebrity Christian Boy Names

  • David Beckham: Famous football superstar. David was second king of the United Kingdom of Israel and Judah.
  • Joseph Morgan: Actor from the series Vampire Diaries. Joseph was the son of Jacob and one thrown by his jealous brothers in the cliff.
  • Mark Zuckerberg: The one who invented Facebook. Mark is a book from the Bible.
  • Aaron Paul: Actor of the movie Need for Speed. Aaron was a prophet of Israel.
  • Paul Walker: Star of the Fast and Furious who died in a car accident. Paul is one of the apostles.
  • Daniel Radcliffe: Star of the Harry Potter series. Daniel was the one placed in the lion’s den.

Celebrity Christian Girl Names

  • Rachel McAdams: Star of The Vow. Rachel is the wife of Jacob.
  • Leah: Lea Michelle is the star of the musical Glee. Leah is the sister of Rachel who also is a wife of Jacob and had six sons and one daughter.
  • Sarah Jessica Parker: Famous actress and host. Sarah is the wife of Abraham.
  • Kristen Stewart: Female leading actress of the movie Twilight. Kristen is an English variation of Christian meaning Christ follower.
  • Rebecca Romijn: Model for Sports Illusttrated and actor. Rebecca is the wife of Isaac and mother of Jacob and Esau.

God has not only provided us the book of life but as well as book of names! Parents choose Christian names because it’s like giving back to our Lord, the true Father of all. And it would be a great tribute to name such blessing after the characters of His book. Giving them names from the Bible makes us feel like our babies are angels or the messengers from above. Couples love to brand their babies with names in which they feel like they are God’s gifts, so the Bible is an excellent source for choosing cool Christian names. And no matter what we name them, they will always represent God in our lives and a symbol of God’s love to us.

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