Evil Eye Curse Protection and Cure for Baby and Kid

Understanding the Evil Eye

The Evil Eye curse is very well-known throughout history. It is basically a form of bad luck forced upon a child or individual by a menacing look or gaze. Mentions of evil eye has been cited in the bible (Proverbs 23:6), Greek and Roman works, the Koran and even in some of Shakespeare’s writings. It has deep set roots is magical and superstitious traditions. Before science could explain weather patterns, germ theory and basically any event that could not be explained by conventional methods, was said to be caused by the Evil Eye.

The evil eye is cast upon those who are unaware. It is a hostile glare. The evil eye may be viewed as a curse. One type of Evil eye is unconscious evil eyes. These may harm people and things, without intending to. Another type intends to harm and the third one is unseen, hidden evil which is the most scared one. There are many cultures that hold the belief that when the evil eye is received by another, injury or misfortune may be cast upon the receiver of the evil eye. Evil Eye Curse Protection And Cure For Baby And Kid

There are many who believe that evil eye is actually brought on by envy. Cultures that hold this belief are Jewish, Christian and Muslim as well as Buddhist and Hindu societies, located mainly in the Middle East, East and West Africa, South Asia, Central Asia, and Europe, especially the Mediterranean region.


Evil Eye and your Young Ones

It is said that infants and children are more susceptible to the evil eye just because of their youth and innocence. Publicly praising a child is supposedly said to draw attention of the evil eye. Many countries including Greece, Romania and India refrain from this without first beginning it with a word from God. It is also common believed that a mother who has been infected with evil eye can pass it to the infant through breast feeding. To prevent this, it is recommended that the mother either refrain from breast feeding or pump the milk out manually.

Evil Eyes For Baby And Kid

How to Know if Your Baby or Kid has the Evil Eye

There are many beliefs that recognize evil eye in many different ways. With the advancement of health technology, we can explain most of the symptoms but when the symptoms re-occur for no apparent reason, the superstition sets in. The most common symptoms of evil eye in infants like a fever, nonstop crying, lack of appetite, nervousness or panic attacks. As with any of these symptoms you need to consult your physician to make sure it isn’t something serious.

There a few techniques passed down from many cultures that is said to detect the presence of evil eye. In Eastern Europe, it is said that you can drop a piece of charcoal or a burned head of a match in a pan of water. If it sinks, there is no presence of the evil eye but if it floats, evil eye is present. Another commonly use method is the wax method derived from the Ukraine. You simply drip hot wax into holy water. If it splatters or sticks to the side, there is presence of the evil eye. Another method is using oil. Just drop oil in the holy water and if it forms and eye the child has evil eye. Another method using oil is to use a lock of hair from the infected person. Drop oil on the lock of hair and if the oil sinks, there is presence of evil eye. Detecting evil eye in adults is fairly simple. It is a string of unexplained illnesses or just plain bad luck.Evil Eye Protection For Baby

Remedies and Cure from Evil Eye for Baby and Kid

There are many distinct remedies and cures for evil eye for kids that vary from culture to culture. The most common is the touch method. In most Hispanic cultures a person can unintentionally inflict a child with the evil eye. That person can cure it by simply touching the child on the hand or the forehead. In Mexican and Latin cultures, the egg method is used. An egg is passed over the child’s body, while reciting a prayer, and then placing the egg in a bowl beneath the pillow. The next morning if the white of the egg is cloudy the child’s evil eyes has been transferred to the egg and the cure is successful. The next method is by making certain hand gestures like the Mano Cornufo (the horned hand). This is basically a fist with the index and pinkie finger extended while pointing downward. Another hand gesture is the Mano Fico (fig hand) where you place your thumb between the index finger and middle finger. Some Italians variations have the child wear a little red horn around the neck. Most cultures in China use the mirror method. It has been noted that a six-sided mirror has the ability to actually reflect the bad energy back. The mirror can be hung in a front window or on a door in order to ward off the evil.This is used to reflect back the bad energy. The most widely used method employs a Healer to perform the rituals. The Healer is said to be and expert at many rituals that surround the evil eye.Evil Eye Curse Cure Protection For Baby And Kid

Protection for your Child

There are numerous cultures that hold the belief that they must pursue protective measures against the evil eye curse. There are many methods used evil eye protection from the evil eye. Most involve the use of charms or bracelets for evil eye for kid, but others are a bit more drastic. The use of a pink coral bracelet or a buckeye with ward off the evil eye. Some Jewish cultures use a red string that is tied to the baby crib or roller. Some Hispanic cultures have the baby wear a jet amulet made of black jet shaped like the fist of a baby. It may be strung with red and black beads on a gold chain. In Russian culture the spit method is used. When the baby is given a compliment you spit over your shoulder three times and touch wood or knock on your head three times. One Sicilian method is to scatter salt on the floor inside and outside of the house. The salt is said to confuse evil-casters. Another unpopular method is for everyone in the house to pee in a bucket which is spilled in front of the house. Another method used is the charm method. In Turkey charms are made of blue glass which can be worn as a bracelet or key chain.

Parents Protecting Children from Evil Eye

In just about every culture, the emphasis is placed on evil eye curse for baby and children. Our love for our offspring shows through in every culture that we have researched. It has been stated that children and babies are indeed susceptible to harm from the evil eye. We all want our beautiful children to grow up healthy, wealthy and wise. Many cultures take drastic measure to prevent any harm, whether it is evil eye superstition or not, that may come to our children. As stated in the beginning if you think your child has serious medical issues please be sure to consult your doctor.

Evil Eye Baby Protection