French Girl Names – Top 200+ French Baby Names for Girls with Meaning

There is so much to adore about France, from wine, different cuisines, their culture to their rich history. France is also famous for its elegant and romantic language, French, which is what has brought the inspiration for this post, French girl names. Some big names in the entertainment business and sports world have French names and lineage. Soon they’ll surface in this article.

Why should parents choose French baby names for girls?

Just like their language is so fascinating, French baby names for girls are also intriguing. France is one of the countries in the whole world with the most beautiful language. So, any new parent or expecting parent can consider having French girl names for their little one if they look for something unique and beautiful. Among so many French names for girl, parents will most definitely find something uncommon but with a special meaning that they’d love for their little girl.

But, parents need to be careful when naming their child because they say that a child’s name influences her behavior. French names are not only beautiful, but a person can also get creative and even combine two to get their baby the unique one of them all from the list below. These names are pretty and beyond every imagination.

French Girl Names With Meaning
200+ French baby girl names with meaning

The French Naming Trend

As more people from different cultures migrate to the US, including French people, the names with mixed and foreign origins continue to rise. These people came with their traditions and naming cultures and mixed them with the US naming traditions, creating unique names. And with the intermarriages, expect unique foreign names to trend. Therefore, it’s absolutely normal to come across a foreign-looking name.

In France, it was customary for parents to name their children after saints from the Roman Catholic calendar of saints. Because the Roman Catholic calendar assigned a saint to practically every day of the year, parents often named their children after the saint associated with the day of their birth. This explains why names like Marie, Michelle and Catherine are so common.

This custom ended in 1966, when a legislation was issued allowing for non-religious French names, such as Violette or Geneviève, although they still had to be French. It wasn’t until 1993 that parents were given complete freedom to name their children anything they wanted.

The Historical information about French Girl Names

Most French girls’ names represent the most eminent people in the science and art society. They also represent some of the most fantastic historical sites in France. These names tell a story, an origin of that art, or give hope to the upcoming artists. Of course, it takes great effort for a parent to settle for a name that represents any or all of the historical reasons above. But, the uniqueness and beauty in these French names for girls make them worth people’s time.

Several countries around the world use French baby girl names, including Belgium, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, African countries, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Burundi, Canada, Benin, France, Equatorial Guinea, Switzerland, Senegal, Guinea, Rwanda, Togo, etc. Remember, these countries also use French as their national language, so it’s right in order to find that French baby girl names are common there.

The 10 most popular French Girl Names and their meaning

  • Arlette: this name is mostly used in the US for baby girls. Arlette means lion of God, and most girls with this name have some beautiful nicknames like Lettie and Arlee.
  • Antoinette: this name has been in existence for quite too long, and in 1914 it emerged at position 990. The name Antoinette means trustworthy. This name originates from Latin and France. Other alternatives for this name include Antonella, Antonetta, and Antonia.
  • Blanche: Blanche is mostly for baby girls with white and fair complexion. Like Antoinette, Blanche has also been in existence for centuries, and in 1902, it was position 58 in the most common French girls’ names. Anyone can decide to name their baby girl these other Blanche alternatives, Blanch, Bianca, Blanchette, and Blanca.
  • Chanel: This unique-sounding name has two meanings, either a channel or canal. Chanel hasn’t been here for long. Though new, it has made some remarkable history. In 1991, Chanel emerged number 382 in the US top 1000 unique names. Alternatives for Chanel are Chanelle, Chenele, Shanelle, etc.
  • Chloé: this beautiful name has two origins, French and Greek. It means to flourish, so girls given this name are believed to be flourishing. This most popular name has made history since 1998, emerging in the top 100 names in the US and the top 10 in France for over two decades now. Alternatives for Chloe are Clo, Cloe, Kloe, etc.
  • Denise: this French name has the most special meaning. It shows someone’s devotion to Dionysius, the wine god of Ancient Greece. Between 1950 to 82, Denise emerged in the top 100 list. Alternatives for Denise include Deniece, Dennie, Dennie, and Danice.
  • Fleur: what a beautiful French girl name. Fleur means a beautiful flower. It is pretty unique and has other nicknames like Fleiura, Fleurine, Fleurette, and Fleure.
  • Gabrielle: mostly given to Christian families. Gabrielle means that God is your strength and hero. The nicknames for Gabrielle are pretty many, but the most common ones are Gaby, Gabriella, and Gabby.
  • Jacqueline: this French girl name has some emotions attached to it. It means someone who replaces the other. So mostly, parents give it to girls born after the death of their siblings.
  • Monique: this one means a wise woman or advisor. Someone people can turn to whenever they face life challenges to seek solutions.

10 French celebrity names

Monique Angela Hicks
Monique Angela Hicks

Monique Angela Hicks: she is an American comedian and actress.

365Px Jacqueline Emerson At The Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 2 Premiere In Los Angeles 14 620X816 1
Jacqueline Emerson

Jacqueline Emerson: is a singer and actress based in America.

426Px Gabrielle Reece On The Art Of Charm
Gabrielle Reece

Gabrielle Allyse Reece: is a renowned American volleyball player.

Fleur de Force: YouTube personality and makeup artist based in America.

Chloe Sevigny 2010 Crop
Chloë Sevigny

Chloe Stevens Sevigny: a talented fashion designer and actress.

Austin D
Denise Austin

Denise Austin: this is an American fitness guru.

320Px Arlette Chabot Avril 2009 2
Arlette Chabot

Arlette Chabot: a prominent political commentator and journalist from France.

388Px Blanche Ring 001
Blanche Ring

Blanche Ring: though she’s no more, her fame still stands. She was an American actress and singer.

320Px Denise Richards 2009
Denise Richards

Denise Richards: is a TV personality, American actress, and a former model.

333Px Antoinete Nana Djimou
Antoinette Nana Djimou

Antoinette Nana Djimou: she is a French-Cameroonian pentathlon and Heptathlon champion.


Top 200+ French Girl Names with Meaning

Here is a list of unique, pretty, traditional and popular French girl names used in France and other French speaking countries all over the world. These names will exude a sense of enhanced elegance and beauty in any girl.

Click on a name to find more details about the meaning, popularity and everything else about it.

  1. Nicole: Meaning people of victory
  2. Fleur: Meaning a flower
  3. Celine: Meaning heavenly
  4. Brielle: Meaning hunting grounds
  5. Anastasie: Meaning resurrection
  6. Monique: Meaning a wise counselor and advisor
  7. Estelle: Meaning star
  8. Eugénie: Meaning well born
  9. Édelie: Meaning having high principles
  10. Joelene: Meaning pretty
  11. Manette: Meaning sea of bitterness
  12. Alphosine: Meaning noble and ready
  13. Adalaide: Meaning a noble person
  14. Odette: Meaning praise God, or poem, or wealthy
  15. Blaise: Derived from the Greek word, Basilius, meaning royal or kingly
  16. Aceline: Meaning a noble woman
  17. Paris: Meaning the French capital
  18. Lourdes: Meaning from the town of Lourdes
  19. Bernadette: Meaning Brave as a bear; name of the girl saint who saw an apparition of Mother Mary in Lourdes
  20. Caroline: Meaning strong
  21. Hélène: Meaning bright and shining
  22. Louise: Meaning brave warrior
  23. Mirielle: Meaning to admire
  24. Aurore/Aurorette: Meaning Goddess of dawn
  25. Valerie: Meaning strength or health
  26. Manon: a derivative of Madeline, which means “elevated” or “magnificent”
  27. Bijou: Meaning jewel
  28. Virginie: Meaning pure maiden
  29. Delphine: Meaning dolphin
  30. Claudine: Meaning lame
  31. Juliet: Meaning youthful
  32. Angélique: Meaning messenger
  33. Risette: Meaning pleasant little laugh
  34. Margot/Margaux/Marguerite: Meaning pearl
  35. Fabienne: Meaning a bean farmer
  36. Noelle: Meaning Christmas
  37. Maëlle: Meaning princess, ambitious
  38. Benoite: Meaning Blessed
  39. Aimée: Meaning Beloved and nurturing one
  40. Eloise: Meaning healthy
  41. Yolanthe: Meaning strong, purple flower
  42. Avignon: A city in Southeaster France that was the seat of Catholic Popes in the Middle Ages
  43. Monet: Meaning noble
  44. Avriel/Avril/Avryll: Meaning spring and April
  45. Thérèse: Meaning to reap or to gather
  46. Zélie: Meaning mother of St. Therese of Lisieux
  47. Coralie: Meaning coral
  48. Fernande: Meaning traveler
  49. Corinne: Meaning maiden
  50. Albertine: Meaning noble and bright
  51. Liana: Meaning to climb like a vine
  52. Abrielle: Meaning a woman of God
  53. Carole: Meaning a strong woman
  54. Mélanie: Meaning little dark-haired girl
  55. Sidonie: Meaning follower of Saint Denys
  56. Florentine: Meaning blossoming
  57. Capucine: Meaning cape
  58. Ember: Meaning Amber (a French variation)
  59. Genevieve: Meaning tribe woman
  60. Clémence/Clementine: Meaning merciful or mild
  61. Sara: Meaning princess
  62. Véronique: Meaning true image
  63. Antoinette/Antonine: Meaning praiseworthy
  64. Aurelie: Meaning golden
  65. Chantal: Meaning a stone for building
  66. Elle: Meaning she
  67. Lucie: Meaning illuminating and light
  68. Amy/Aimée: Meaning beloved
  69. Adeline/Adelle: Meaning noble, nobility
  70. Félice: Meaning lucky
  71. Fosette: Meaning dimpled
  72. Berthe: Meaning bright ruler
  73. Clarisse: Meaning bright or gentle
  74. Annette: Meaning grace
  75. Émilie: Meaning excelling in all things
  76. Solange: Meaning solemn or religious
  77. Lucile/Lucille: Meaning light
  78. Lilou: Meaning lily flower
  79. Héloïse: Meaning famous warrior
  80. Annabelle: Meaning loving
  81. Lucienne: Meaning light
  82. Maëlys: pronounced Mah-Eh-Lee-S, meaning chief
  83. Marlène: Meaning graceful star of the sea
  84. Lizette: Meaning consecrated in God
  85. Catherine: Meaning pure and clear
  86. Mirabelle: Meaning plum
  87. Armande: Meaning army man
  88. Nathalie: born on Christmas day
  89. Elise: Meaning pledged to God
  90. Édith: Meaning blessed with riches
  91. Madeleine: Meaning a ray of hope, an elevated tower, magnificent, woman from Magdala
  92. Cerise: Meaning cherry
  93. Eglantine: Meaning wild rose
  94. Célestine: Meaning heavenly; of the sky
  95. Geneve: Meaning of the race of women; city in Switzerland
  96. Étiennette: Meaning woman with crown
  97. Rosalee: Meaning garden full of roses
  98. Reine: Meaning queen
  99. Blisse: Meaning delight or joy
  100. Coraline: Meaning coral
  101. Augustine: Meaning vénérable
  102. Zoe: Meaning vibrant and full of life
  103. Barbe: Meaning foreigner
  104. Rosalie: Meaning rose
  105. Henriette: Meaning home ruler
  106. Cezanne: Meaning big flower
  107. Sophie: Meaning wisdom
  108. Celeste: Meaning heavenly
  109. Sylvie: Meaning from the forest
  110. Elloise: Meaning famous in war
  111. Adaline: Meaning a kind-hearted person
  112. Claire: Meaning bright or clear
  113. Sydney: Meaning Saint Denis
  114. Aveline: Meaning little hazelnut tree
  115. Fayette: Meaning a little fairy
  116. Honorine: Meaning woman of honor
  117. Angeline: Meaning angelic
  118. Gabrielle: Meaning God is my Strength
  119. Suzette: Meaning pretty and graceful like a lily
  120. Meline: Meaning little honey
  121. Mathilde: Meaning strength in battle
  122. Vivienne: Meaning life
  123. Hughette: Meaning bright in mind and spirit
  124. Simone: Meaning she heard
  125. Colette: Meaning people of victory
  126. Agathe: Meaning kind
  127. Charlotte: Meaning strong and free, feminine version of Charles, meaning manly
  128. Lorraine: Meaning from the province of Lorraine
  129. Madelyn: Meaning woman from Magdala or high tower
  130. Patrice: Meaning born into nobility
  131. Denise: Meaning devoted to the wine god, Dionysius
  132. Lille: Meaning lilly
  133. Françoise: Meaning France or free one
  134. Eulalie: Meaning a well-spoken or sweet-speaking person
  135. Alodie: Meaning wealthy
  136. Dominique: Meaning belonging to the Lord
  137. Gertrude: Meaning strength
  138. Jolie: Meaning pretty
  139. Isabelle: Meaning pledged to God
  140. Avice: Meaning a refuge in battle, warlike
  141. Esmée: Meaning beloved one
  142. Elayne: Meaning a ray of light
  143. Aurorette: Variation of Aurore
  144. Juliette: Meaning little Julia or youthful, beautiful, and vivacious
  145. Pauline: Meaning petite and small
  146. Basilie: Variation of Basil
  147. Audette: Meaning a bird
  148. Anelise: Meaning devoted to God
  149. Amelie: Meaning hardworking and industrious
  150. Amalie: Meaning hardworking and curious
  151. Alice: Meaning truth or reality
  152. Adélaïde: Meaning noble
  153. Cosette: Meaning something small and tiny
  154. Jacqueline: Meaning supplanter
  155. Seychelle: Meaning an island
  156. Josephine: Meaning God will add
  157. Lydie: Meaning a maiden from Lydia, Greece
  158. Michelle: Meaning who is like God
  159. Mallory: Meaning unfortunate
  160. Octavie: Meaning eighth
  161. Natalie: Meaning birthday of the Lord
  162. Jewel: Meaning pretty or precious gemstone
  163. Eléonore: Meaning shining light
  164. Esme: Meaning esteemed, beloved; or emerald
  165. Aubrey: Meaning elf ruler
  166. Chloé: Meaning flourishing and blooming
  167. Inés: Meaning chaste and pure
  168. Brigitte: Meaning magnificent and great
  169. Belle: Meaning beautiful
  170. Pierrette: Meaning rock
  171. Océane: Meaning ocean
  172. Francine: Meaning from France or free
  173. Alexandrine: Meaning defending men
  174. Stéphane: Meaning crown of glory
  175. Arielle: Meaning lion of God
  176. Giselle: Meaning: a promise or pledge
  177. Cécile: Meaning blind
  178. Desiree: Meaning desired and longed for
  179. Clarette: Meaning clear and bright
  180. Nadeleine: Meaning a ray of hope
  181. Severine: Meaning a stern person
  182. Rochelle: Meaning woman who is like a rock
  183. Garcelle: Meaning little spear
  184. Andrée: feminine version of Andrew; brave
  185. Anaïs: Meaning grace
  186. Anne: Meaning gracious
  187. Alida: Meaning noble
  188. Léonie: Meaning lion
  189. Valentine: Meaning strength
  190. Audrey: Meaning noble strength
  191. Suzanne: Meaning lily
  192. Fleurine: Meaning to flow or little flower
  193. Carolina: Meaning a free man
  194. Chanel: Meaning from the canal or channel
  195. Aline: Meaning noble
  196. Noémie: Meaning winsome, pleasant, and lovely
  197. Chantae: Meaning a sweet song
  198. Adalene: Meaning a person of aristocracy
  199. Hortense: Meaning gardener
  200. Yvonne: Meaning yew wood
  201. Agnès: Meaning pure or holy
  202. Renée: Meaning born again or reborn
  203. Adrienne: Meaning from the city of Hadria
  204. Elaina/Elaine: Meaning bright, shining light
  205. Nicolette: Meaning a victory of the people
  206. Ninette: Meaning God’s valuable talent
  207. Georgette: Meaning farmer
  208. Giverny: Meaning a French town
  209. Violette: Meaning a purple blue flower
  210. Élodie: Meaning foreign riches
  211. Yvette: Meaning yew
  212. Marie: Meaning star from the sea of bitterness
  213. Constance: Meaning constancy
  214. Salomé: Meaning peace
  215. Christine: Meaning follower of Christ
  216. Clotilde: Meaning famous in battle
  217. Philomène: Meaning powerful love
  218. Danielle: Meaning God is the judge
  219. Camille: Meaning young ceremonial attendant, unblemished and perfect
  220. Davignon: Meaning dearly loved person
  221. Jeanne: Meaning God is gracious
  222. Armandine: Meaning much loved
  223. Blanche: Meaning white
  224. Adelyn: Meaning noble, nobility

This was the best 200+ French Girl Names list from our name experts, selected after considering popularity and trends from social security administration and thorough web research in French names databases.


After expectant mothers know their baby’s gender, one of the most critical roles that follow is picking a perfect name for them. This usually happens before the baby’s arrival to make their parents get emotionally attached to their names. Those expectant parents and new parents looking for the most unique yet beautiful names for their baby girls can get ideas from the top 200+ French girls’ names above. With each name and its meaning, one can surely get a name that will connect them and their babies from the list.

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