Greek Girl Names – 100 Beautiful Greek Names for Girls with meaning

There is something about Greek names.
It’s hip having Greek names or Greek baby names.
Many well-known people in entertainment, news and business have Greek lineages. You know Arianna Huffington, Maria Menounos, Jennifer Aniston and Danielle Fotopoulos.

Now you’re going to have a baby girl…and she must have a name that communicates grace, confidence and a winning spirit.
What name could that be?
Would you consider Greek baby names?

Here’s the nature of Greek girl names and a list of a hundred of Greek girl names and meanings you might want to look at.

Why Greek Baby Names For Girl Progeny

But first, why should you consider Greek girl names?

There is something more to be said when a person’s name is European-sounding. Those whose names seem to hint at an origin that involves a journey offer not just an intriguing story, but of a character with endurance and enterprise.

Many immigrants hail from Greece. They have made a name for themselves here in the United States. Their names and their generations after spell success, boldness, vision and possibilities.

There’s also the western classical education our top schools and universities espouse, based strongly on Greek classics from Homer, Greek philosophy from Plato and Aristotle and the origins of democracy from Athens.

What with the fraternities and houses with Greek appellation and inspiring ancient Greek stories, mythological or historical?

Having a Greek name and its virtue can make a person memorable…unforgettable.

Now, why wouldn’t you want a name like that?

Consider Greek baby names for girl progeny.

Baby Naming Trends

Names with foreign origins are growing in frequency as more people migrate to the United States bringing their traditional cultural naming practices. And with the rise of intermarriages, individuals take on foreign last names diversifying appellation used in our country.

So it’s certainly becoming a norm today to have a foreign-sounding name.

Historical Lineage In A Name

There are beauty and significance in a name that tells of an origin, a story, quality or some hope or vision. It takes effort to find a name that communicates any one of these elements.

But, it’s well worth the time.

100 Greek Girl Names And Meanings

Some Greek Celebrities

Here are Greek celebrities known in their country for their talent and beauty.

Athina Oikonomakou
Greek tv and movie actress and budding entrepreneur offering her jewelry collection called Allover by Athina Oikonomakou. Her name, Athina, hails from the Greek mythological goddess of wisdom, Athena.

Vasiliki (Vicky) Kaya
Greek model, television presenter, entrepreneur and occasionally an actress. She has worked with a number of famous international fashion magazines like Vogue, Esquire and Elle. Her name Kaya traditionally means pure.

Fay (Sophia) Skorda
Popular Greek television host and brand ambassador. Her last name Skorda is just known for a family name.

Ioanna Ntenti
A fashion model for Ace Models and Metro Models and a naturopathic nutritional therapist. Her name Ioanna is a variation of Joanna which means God is gracious.

Doukissa Nomikou
A Greek tv presenter and model who represented her country in the Miss Universe pageant in Mexico. Her name Doukissa is meant a duchess, a leader.

American celebrities with Greek lineage or having Greek names generally have their names merging with popular American first names and a Greek last name.

Here are some you might know and some you should:

Jennifer Aniston
Golden Globe and Primetime Emmy Award-winning actress whose father and actor John Aniston was born Yannis Anastasakis.

Dimitra Arliss
The American actress was popular in the ’60s and ’70s whose name Dimitra is the Greek mythological goddess of fertility and agriculture.

Gabrielle Anne Carteris
The actress is best known for her role as Andrea Zuckerman on Beverly Hills 90210. Her father was of Greek descent. Her name Carteris is identified as simply a Greek family name.

Katie Chonacas
Actress in roles on television series CSI: NY, CSI: Crime Scene and Cold Case. Her name Chonacas in Greek means innocent.

Olympia Dukakis
An Academy Award and Golden Globe-winning actress. Her’s s a typical Greek family name.

Such is the merging of names and cultures, a picture of our time. Many famous actresses with Greek parentage have taken on names we all recognize: Tina Fey, Betty White, Rita Wilson, Lisa Zane and Elizabeth Perkins to name a few.

So, here are a hundred Greek girl names with meaning as promised and do enjoy the adventure of selecting a beautiful name for your baby girl that promises warmth, love and abundance to all who surround her.

Greek Girl Names

100 Greek Girl Names with Meaning

Acacia – Naive
Adamandia – Diamond
Adriani – Rich, from the city of Hadria
Agapi – Love of the next, affection
Agatha – Kind
Alena – Pretty
Alethea – Truthful
Alexandra – Protector
Amanda – Lovable

Barbara – Mysterious
Beatrice – Bringer of Joy

Callie – Fun
Calliope – Beautiful Voice and Eyes
Caren – Pure
Cassandra – She who surpass
Cassie – Protector of mankind
Cassia – Champion
Celena – Moon
Chara – Happiness
Chloe – Blooming

Danai – Happy, Mythological figure – mother of Perseus
Daniella – God is my judge
Daphne – Honor
Deianira – Wife of Hercules; man destroyer
Delphine – Calmness
Diamandina – Diamond
Diana – Perfect
Dione – Divine Queen
Domini – Master’s daughter
Dora – Gift
Dorothea – Gift of God
Driopi – Hole of an oak tree

Echo – Repeated voice
Effie – Pretty face
Eirene – Peace
Eleanora – Light, Mercy
Electra – The shining one
Elina – Pure
Ellie – Light, Mercy
Endora – Talented one; A fountain 
Ersi – Cool morning breeze
Eunice – Victorious

Fannie – Crown
Filimonia – Gentle
Filippa – One who Loves Horses; Friend of Horse

Gabriela – Powerful ‘woman’ of God
Gaia – Goddess of the Earth

Hebe – Young
Helaine – Bright one
Helen – Shining light, Torch
Hera – Goddess Hera, Creator of Heroes, earth and wind
Hermione – Descendant of Hermes
Hesper – Evening star
Hyacinth – Hyacinth flower
Hippolyte – Queen of the Amazons

Iona – Flower name
Ignatia – Fire
Ippoliti – She tames horses
Iris – Rainbow, God’s messenger
Isidora – gift of the moon

Jacinda – Beautiful

Karen – Pure, innocent
Kassie – Pure; thorny; prophetess
Katrina – Nickname of Aikaterini – Pure
Kristi – Nickname of Christina – Anointed

Lambrini – Bright
Larissa – Mythical woman
Lea – Woman
Leandra – Lion woman, Brave of people
Lena – Nickname of Helen, Light, Truth
Leona – Lion of the woods
Lydia – Woman from Persia, Beauty
Lysandra – Freeing a man, Liberator

Maia – Nurse, Mother, Goddess of spring
Medea – Ruling, Middle child
Melinda – Gentle one
Melissa – Bee, Honey
Melodie – Song
Meropi – Mortal
Millie – Bee, Honey

Naiad – Water nymph
Narcissa – Self-love
Nicky – People’s victory
Nicole – People’s victory
Nikareti – Οne who has the virtue of winning
Niobe – Fern

Odessa – Journey
Olympia – Heavenly

Pamela – Honeyed

Raisa – Rose
Rea – Stream

Sapphira – Blue Jewel
Sibylle – Prophetess, Fortune-teller

Tatiana – Tidy; Fairy princess
Tessy – Fourth born; to reap; to gather; to harvest

Unice – Victorious

Vanessa – Butterfly
Veronica – She who brings victory; true image

Xanthe – Yellow, Fair hair
Xeni – Hospitable

Zena – Born of Zeus

This was the the best 100 Greek Girl Names list from our name experts, selected after considering popularity and trends from social security administration and thorough web research in Greek names databases.

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