The Hottest Names of 2019 – 70 Hot Baby Names for Boys and Girls


Choosing a name for your baby is a big responsibility. That name will follow your kid through his or her life, and will provide part of its identity as it grows. It can be hard to come up with a name off the top of your head, so looking at some of the name lists and up-and-coming names is a good way to find a name that won’t be unusual, weird, or silly as time goes on. Keep on reading to find 65 of the hottest names of 2019 for boys and girls at the bottom of this page.


History Behind the Hottest Names of 2019

Even though these names are trending and gaining traction in 2019, they all have roots in ancient language and culture. Names are usually not spontaneously generated from modern words, although they will adapt and change over the years to fit more of the modern preferences. In our list with the hottest names of 2019 you’ll see quite a few names that are adapted forms of older names, including Madison, Kassidy, Marcella, Ashlynn, Cassian, Lucien, Xander, and Cyrus.


Why Hot Baby Names 2019? Make a Good Choice

One of the hardest parts about choosing a name for your baby is getting a name that is unique, but likable. We can’t all just make up a word or name to use for our kids, so looking at some of the other names that are being used can help inspire you. These hot names 2019 offers are not the most popular names for the last few years, but are names that more people are starting to use in 2019.

If you choose a name from this list, you’ll be giving your baby a proper name that they might encounter a few times as you grow up. These names from our hottest names of 2019 won’t make up half their class at school, but they also won’t be too unique to spell or pronounce correctly!

The Hottest Names Of 2019 – 70 Hot Baby Names For Boys And Girls

Trends to See in Hot Names 2019

There are a few trends we can spot in 2019’s hot names list for babies thanks to the data from Social Security Administratrion. The first is that fewer unisex names are being used, and many are more gender-specific than those used in 2018 and 2017. Next, there a few longer names getting added to the list, such as Remington, Rosamund, Cheyenne, Beauregard, and Cassian.

The last big trend is moving away from vowel names. In 2017 especially, names starting with “A” were some of the most trending and popular names. In 2018, consonants names beginning with C, K, R, and M are much bigger than vowel names. There are also fewer names ending in vowels on this hot list than there were from 2014-2018, most notably for boy’s names.


Celebrities that Chose to Use Hot Names from 2019

Most famous people have a habit of choosing unique, trending names for their kids. While a few major celebrities have picked pretty off-the-wall names for their babies, most do a great job of picking great names for the year. These are some examples of the hottest names of 2019 given to celebrity babies:

Capri Cobe, daughter of Kobe Bryant and Vanessa Bryant

Kobe And Vanessa Bryant Daughter, Capri Kobe

Michael Phelps And Wife Nicole Welcome Son Maverick Nicolas
Michael Phelps and Wife Nicole Welcome Son Maverick Nicolas


Baby Archie Harrison Is The First Child Of The Duke And Duchess Of Sussex.

Birdie Mae, daughter of Jessica Simpson & Eric Johnson

 Birdie Mae Johnson.

Pretty Little Liars Actress Tammin Sursok And Husband Sean Mcewan Picked A Perfectly Unique Name For Their Daughter


And some more examples from previous years

Lula Rose Gardner

Remington Alexander Blackstock


Thomas Nicholas Collete

Quinn Lily, Daughter Of Jenna Wolfe And Stephanie Gosk
image Courtesy Jenna Wolfe
copyright: Instagram – Wayne Rooney
Xander Noelle Reno, One Of The Hottest Boy Names Of The Year
copyright: Instagram – Noelle Reno

Beau Dean, Son Of Tori Spelling And Dean Mcdermott

Maya Versano, Daughter Of Gal Gadot And Yaron Versano, Another Hot Name
Copyright:Gal Gadot Instagram

A Name with Significance

Above all else, your child’s name should have some significance to you. When they ask you later on why you chose that name, it’s good to have an answer that will inspire them and make them feel like you really thought about what to call them. No amount of trends or lists will replace a genuine feeling from your heart!

The Hottest Names of 2019 List

Top 25 Hottest Girl Names 2019 – Hot Girl Names List

  1. Rosamund (Germanic name meaning “Protection”)
  2. Samara (Hebrew name meaning “Protected by God”)
  3. Lilian (English name meaning “Purity, beauty”)
  4. Ines (Greek name meaning “Pure, holy, chaste”)
  5. Moana (Hawaiian name meaning “Ocean, deep sea”)
  6. Zoey (Greek name meaning “Life”)
  7. Maya (Hindi name meaning “Illusion”)
  8. Madison (English name meaning “Son of Oikawa”)
  9. Cheyenne (French name from a tribe living in the Great Plains)
  10. Paige (English name meaning “Young servant”)
  11. Sophia (Greek name meaning “Holy wisdom”)
  12. Kassidy (Gaelic name meaning “Ingenious, clever”)
  13. Emilee (Latin name meaning “Industrious, striving”)
  14. Ashlynn (English name meaning “Meadow of trees”)
  15. Cadence (English name meaning “Rhythmic flow of sound”)
  16. Danica (Slavic name meaning “Morning star”)
  17. Secora (Polish name meaning “Titmouse”)
  18. Alisha (Germanic name meaning “Gives aid”)
  19. Adara (Greek name meaning “One who is beautiful”)
  20. Remington (English name meaning “From the raven farm”)
  21. Seren (Welsh name meaning “Star”)
  22. Marcella (Roman name meaning “Warlike, strong, martial”)
  23. Kyra (Russian name meaning “Beloved”)
  24. Calista (Greek name meaning “Most beautiful”)
  25. Tahiti (Place name for the island of Tahiti meaning rising sun)


Top 25 Hottest Boy Names 2019 – Hot Boy Names List

  1. Cassian (Irish name meaning “Curly-headed”)
  2. Lucien (French name meaning “Light”)
  3. Hunter (English name meaning “One who hunts”)
  4. Trenton (Celtic name meaning “Strongly flooded”)
  5. Landon (English name meaning “Long hill, ridge”)
  6. Nicholas (Greek name meaning “People’s victory”)
  7. Brayden (English name meaning “Broad, brave”)
  8. Damion (Greek name meaning “Tame”)
  9. Cayden (Gaelic name meaning “Battler”)
  10. Rian (Irish name meaning “Kingly”)
  11. Jaiden (Hebrew name meaning “God has heard”)
  12. Tre (Middle English name meaning “Three”)
  13. Sawyer (Celtic name meaning “Cuts timber”)
  14. Keegan (Irish name meaning “Thinker, fiery”)
  15. Laken (Dutch name meaning “Bedsheet”)
  16. Isaac (Hebrew name meaning “He laughs”)
  17. Koa (Hawaiian name meaning “Brave”)
  18. Beauregard (French name meaning “Respected, regarded highly”)
  19. Gunther (German name meaning “Battler, warrior”)
  20. Cooper (English name meaning “Cask or barrel maker”)
  21. Cyrus (Persian name meaning “Far sighted, young”)
  22. Alden (English name meaning “Old Friend”)
  23. Xander (Greek name meaning “Defending men”)
  24. Dante (Spanish name meaning “Enduring”)
  25. Kyd (Scottish name meaning “Lively person”)


Unisex Hot Names

  1. Harper (English name meaning “One who plays the harp”)
  2. Quinn (Gaelic name meaning “Wisdom, reason, intelligence”)
  3. Reagan (Irish name meaning “Little ruler”)
  4. Riley (English name meaning “Wood clearing”)
  5. Skyler (Dutch name meaning “A shelter”)


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