Names Meaning Beautiful – Find more than 200 names that mean pretty

Beauty is defined as the quality in a person or a thing that gives pleasure to the senses or the mind. This is a very good reason for every new or expecting parent to give a child a name that would fit to be beautiful and match the beauty it glows. Show the world the cuteness that came your way, choose from our selection of names meaning beautiful for your baby boy or baby girl.

Names that Mean Beautiful

In every parent’s eye, every child is beautiful and that is how it should be, as God created all things in His image. Beauty does not only lie in the face or outward appearance of a person, but also pertains to the beauty that comes from the inside. To be beautiful, one does not only capture the eyes of others, but their hearts as well. That is what we want our little ones to be, to have beautiful hearts and minds to charm the world. So we give them beautiful names that signify magnificence and hope for them to become the actual meanings of these names. We do love to give our little girls names meaning lovely or names meaning pretty, that’s true!

Celebrity Names Meaning Beautiful

Many famous people are named after names meaning beautiful and they also use these cute names for their children. Such as the Hollywood actress Camilla Belle and Bella from the famous character of the Twilight Saga, names meaning beautiful has already become a trend in the famed arena. We have several names meaning beautiful that could be found and you can choose one that best fits you for your baby! There are many words from different races and languages that mean beautiful. And you can have lots of fun in finding a quite big amount of choices for names that mean beautiful!

Names Meaning Beautiful - Find More Than 200 Names That Mean Pretty

Below you will find a wide selection of names that mean beautiful


Girl Names Meaning Beautiful

Belle: A French word meaning fair and lovely one. Just like Belle in Beauty and the Beast!

Sapphire: A Hebrew name meaning beautiful. Such as the precious sapphire stone!

Mayumi: From Japan meaning true beautiful wisdom

Lovely: Means attractive or beautiful especially in a graceful way.

Helen: Is Latin which means the most beautiful woman in the world. The Helen of Troy.

Meishan: Is a Mandarin name meaning virtuous beauty.

Adonia: From Spain, meaning beautiful lady and a feminine version of Adonis.

Venus: Known as the Goddess of love and beauty.

Mary: The mother of Jesus and known as the most beautiful of all.

Esther: A Hebrew woman who became queen because of her great beauty.

Beauty: The word itself. It means the quality of being attractive.

Melody: A pleasing series of musical notes that form the main part of a song or piece of music.

Aimi: A Japanese name meaning love  & beauty.

Princess: A usually attractive girl or woman who is treated with special attention and kindness.


Boy Names Meaning Beautiful

Rayan: In Arab means beautiful, exuberant.

Maysun: In Arab means a beautiful face. It could be spelled also and more famous as Mason in English.

Kevine: In the Celtic language plainly means beautiful.

Adin: In Hebrew means Beautiful and adorned.

Tegan: In Welsh means a beautiful person.

Charming: Means very pleasing or delightful. A man who has no problem winning women’s heart.

Narcissus: A beautiful youth in Greek mythology who yearns away for the love of his own reflection.

Akane: Japanese name which means brilliant red.


Famous Girl Names Meaning Beautiful

Paris: Means Gorgeous or glamorous, just like the star Paris Hilton!

Belle: Camilla Belle, the actress girlfriend of one of the Jonas’ brothers whom Taylor Swift dedicated her song “Better than Revenge”.

Rachel: Means beautiful just like Rachel Mc Adams of the movie, The Notebook.

Abigail: Means a father’s joy, beautiful. The beautiful Abigail Spencer of the Cowboys and Aliens.

Jolie: In French means pretty and festive. Angelina Jolie of The Tourist and beautiful wife of Bradd Pitt.


Famous Boy Names Meaning Beautiful

Daniel: In Ireland means attractive, Daniel Radcliffe from the Harry Potter Series.

Shayne: In Yiddish means beautiful, the famous song artist Shayne Ward.

Kenneth: Meaning handsome in Gaelic. Kenneth Cole, the very famous fashion designer whose works are known around the globe.

Allan: Meaning good looking in Irish, as in the hottie Allan Gawco.

Kane: Meaning lovely in Welsh. Fits just Kane Williamson the cutie Batting star!

Prince: A noble man of varying rank and status. They are equipped with the refinement and brilliance.

As parents, we want to give only what is best for our off springs. To us they are perfect, amazing, one of a kind and simply beautiful. That is why we want to tag them with a pretty name that will best describe what they are to us, beautiful gems. To remind us of the very beautiful gift God has bestowed to us, a gift that symbolized God’s perfect love and a creation of a beautiful love that existed between two people graced with love. We must always imprint in them that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder and that there is always beauty in every person.

Below you will find our wider list of names that mean beautiful. More than 160 names for you!

Shaina: Yiddish name meaning “Beautiful”

Misa: Japanese name meaning “Beautiful bloom”

Nazgol: Persian name meaning “The beautiful flower”

Alina: Polish name meaning “Beautiful”

Afet: Turkish name meaning “Catastrophically beautiful”

Berth: Welsh name meaning “Beautiful”

Jamilah: Arabic origin name that means “Beautiful”

Sebahat: Turkish name meaning “Beauty, prettiness”

Ingrid: Norse name meaning “Beauty of Froy”

Behiye: Turkish name meaning “Beautiful, attractive, charming”

Lindeza: Spanish name meaning “Very pretty, exquisite”

Deolinda: Portuguese name meaning “Beautiful God”

Abila: Arabic name that means “to be beautiful”

Ellen: English variant of Helen. Means “Light” or “most beautiful woman”

Mabel: Means my beautiful one

Uzuri: Swahili name meaning “Beauty”

Lilly: The flower lily is a symbol of innocence; purity and beauty.

Frieda: Norse name meaning “Beautiful”

Jemal: Arabic name meaning “Handsome”

Misumi: Japanese name meaning “Pure beauty”

Kumiko: Japanese name meaning “Rare beauty child”

Olathe: Native American name meaning “Beautiful”

Tuzba: Turkish name meaning “A tree in heaven, healthy, beauty, goodness”

Yimei: Japanese name meaning “Beautiful rose”

Randi: Norse name meaning “Lovely goddess”

Sunaina: Hindi name meaning “Pretty eyes”

Cemal: Turkish name meaning “Beauty (pronounced JEH-maal)”

Mirabel: Spanish name meaning “Of uncommon beauty”

Tasanee: Thai name meaning “Beautiful view”

Dagna: Teutonic name meaning “As beautiful as the day”

Hanami: Japanese name meaning “Beauty blossom”

Zehra: Turkish name meaning “Blossoms, beauty”

Ayako: Japanese name meaning “Beautiful silk girl

Charis: Greek name meaning “Grace and beauty”

Bonita: Spanish name meaning “Pretty little one”

Topuklu: Turkish name meaning “A woman with beautiful ankles”

Gale: Norse name meaning “Lovely voice”

Siri: Scandinavian name meaning “Beautiful victory (from Sigrid)”

Rut: Swedish name meaning “Beautiful”

Belinda: English name meaning “Very beautiful.”

Hafwen: Welsh name meaning “Summer’s beauty”

Callia: In Greek it means “Beautiful voice”

Adhelle: Teutonic name meaning “Lovely or happy”

Sundara: Hindi name meaning “Goodness, beauty”

Annabella: Latin name meaning “Beautiful. Graceful.”

Leyla: Turkish name meaning “Beautiful as the night”

Elvira: Spanish name meaning “Truth. White or beautiful”

Shima: Persian name meaning “A lady with a mole; beauty mark”

Naveen: Celtic name that means “Beautiful, pleasant”

Sanaa: Swahili name meaning “Work of art, beauty”

Kanai: Hawaiian name meaning “The beauty”

Sarvenaz: Persian name meaning “A beautiful woman, name of a tall, slender tree”

Lana: Gaelic name meaning “Attractive, peaceful”

Bella: Latin name meaning “Beautiful; Fair; lovely one. Also an abbreviation of Isabel.”

Kimi: Japanese name meaning “Beauty of the century”

Kuwanlelenta: Native American name meaning “To make beautiful surroundings (Hopi)”

Halfrida: Norse name meaning “Half beautiful”

Arete: Greek name meaning “Beauty”

Rosabelle: Latin name meaning “Beautiful rose”

Shalila: Arabic origin name that means “Beautiful eyes”

Aysun: Turkish name meaning “Beautiful as the moon”

Opaline: In French it means”Beautiful as an opal”

Alayna: French name meaning “Beautiful”

Kasima: Arabic name meaning “Beauty, elegance”

Karika: Russian name meaning “Poetic beauty”

Belinda: Latin name meaning “Very beautiful.”

Calliope: Beautiful voice. A Greek mythological muse for epic poetry.

Melika: Hawaiian name meaning “Beauty”

Callista: Greek name meaning “Most beautiful.”

Belle: Latin name meaning “Beautiful”

Guzellik: Turkish name meaning “Beauty”

Zuri: Swahili name meaning “Beautiful”

Calisto: Greek name meaning “Most beautiful”

Leanna: An English name derived from an Irish Gaelic of Helen: (light;beautiful woman)

Linda: Latin name meaning “Beautiful”

Lavanya: Hindi name meaning “Beautiful”

Sephora: Hebrew name meaning “Beautiful bird”

Krasna: Czech name meaning “Beautiful”

Sigrid: Scandinavian name meaning “Beautiful victory”

Zinnia: Latin name meaning “Beautiful rayed flower”

Tuba: Turkish name meaning “A tree in heaven, healthy, beauty, goodness”

Sahiba: Turkish name meaning “Charming, pleasant, beautiful”

Calista: Greek name meaning “Most beautiful”

Venus: Latin name meaning “Goddess of love and beauty”

Semra: Turkish name meaning “Dark beauty”

Shayna: Yiddish name meaning “Beautiful”

Addien: Welsh name meaning “Beautiful”

Rosalinda: Spanish name meaning “Beautiful”

Lana: Arabic name that means “Attractive, peaceful”

Delaram: Persian name meaning “Lovely woman”

Beria: Turkish name meaning “Most beautiful and mature woman”

Kennice: English name meaning “Beautiful”

Jafit: Hebrew name meaning “Beauty”

Amabel: Latin name meaning “Beautiful or loving; Lovable.”

Addiena: Welsh name meaning “Beautiful”

Maisam: Persian name meaning “Beauty”

Adin: Hebrew name meaning “Beautiful, adorned”

Tazanna: Native American name meaning “Beautiful princess”

Meliha: Turkish name meaning “Beautiful, sweet and charming”

Kenna: English name that means “Attractive”

Leonani: Hawaiian name meaning “Beautiful voice”

Viveka: Russian name meaning “Beautiful voice”

Jemille: Turkish name meaning “Beautiful (pronounced ZHEH-mee-leh)”

Merinda: Latin name meaning “Beautiful sea”

Zurie: In French it means “White and lovely”

Maise: In Gaelic it means “Beauty”

Laila: Scandinavian name meaning “Night, dark beauty”

Talisa: Norse name meaning “Beautiful water (Creek)

Shayndel: Yiddish name meaning “Beautiful”

Shana: Yiddish name meaning “Beautiful”

Inga: Danish & Swedish name meaning “Beautiful daughter”

Adabel: Teutonic name meaning “Lovely or happy”

Bonnie: Latin name meaning “Beautiful”

Manami: Japanese name meaning “Love of beauty, love of the ocean”

Shayne: Yiddish name meaning “Beautiful”

Sechil: Turkish name meaning “Noted beauty”

Lyneth: French name that means “Little beauty”

Husniye: Turkish name meaning “Beautiful”

Labonita: Spanish name meaning “Beautiful one”

Ranice: Hebrew name meaning “Lovely tune”

Hiromi: Japanese name meaning “Full of beauty; big ocean”

Yoshe: Japanese name meaning “A beauty, lovely”

Amabella: Latin name meaning “Beautiful or loving”

Bellissa: Italian name meaning “Fair; lovely one.”

Anika: Arabic name meaning “Pretty, elegant”

Sheine: Yiddish name meaning “Beautiful”

Tegan: Welsh name meaning “Beautiful person”

Gamila: Arabic name that means “Attractive”

Hermosa: Spanish name meaning “Beautiful”

Pareerou: Persian name meaning “Has a face like a fairy; beautiful”

Mirabella: Finnish name that means “Of incredible beauty”

Arabella: Dutch name meaning “Beautiful”

Adin: Hebrew name meaning “Beautiful, adorned”

Zayna: Arabic name that means “Beauty”

Iorwen: Welsh name meaning “Lord, beautiful”

Narumi: Japanese name meaning “Seed; beauty”

Sumaka: Native American name meaning “Beauty (Quechua)”

Jacinthe: Greek name meaning “Beautiful”

Zaypo: Tibetan name meaning “Beauty”

Clarinda: Spanish name meaning “Beautiful”

Suchin: Thai name meaning “Beautiful thought”

Zaypona: Tibetan name meaning “Beauty”

Genesee: Native American name meaning “Shining beautiful valley (Iroquois)”

Sauda: Swahili name meaning “Dark beauty”

Kalliope: Greek name meaning “Beautiful voice”

Zuhre: Turkish name meaning “Brilliancy, beauty”

Elin: Welsh name “Variant of Helen. Means “Light” or “most beautiful woman”

Zanta: Swahili name meaning “Beautiful girl”

Nigar: Persian name meaning “Loved one, beautiful like a picture”

Sabahat: Turkish name meaning “Beauty, prettiness”

Zeeba: Persian name meaning “Beautiful”

Ahu: Turkish name meaning “Beautiful eyes”