Names Meaning Fire – Discover more than 100 Fiery Baby Names

Fire, since time immemorial, has been one of the most important things human beings came to acknowledge. It has become a necessity—capable enough to provide illumination even in the darkest of nights, warmth in the coldest of winters and an essential component to turn animal flesh into something that is pleasing to the human palate. That is why fire names give such meaning if you give them to your little ones. Keep on reading to find cool boy and girl names meaning fire.

Fire has been a constant metaphor associated with an exceptional level of intensity, passion, and even temptation. Its characteristics are widely used in the figurative language, which adds depth to its meaning. Even love was no stranger to it. Even the most rational of men can awaken the inner god in themselves with nothing but relying on their pure instincts. The body itself inadvertently succumbs to the hedonistic desire that is found in another human body, grazing one’s skin against the other while bathing themselves to the pleasure brought by their burning passion for love.

Why New Parents Love Baby Names Meaning Fire

Children are the lights to our candles, which is why names meaning “fire” is just a good choice for them. This fiery name does not only describe the passion of two people but also the usefulness of fire in our lives. Celebrities in the media industry today use these hot names to attract people with their names meaning “fire”. Names meaning fire: adds life, excitement, and coolness to your children’s name. Especially that kids today are into animes and of the characters are labeled with names meaning fire such as the anime series, One Piece, one character is Ace whose power is fire. And surely your kid would be proud of his name meaning “fire”. There are plenty of choices and you can find the right one for your child either boy or girl. These heat names would surely ignite a fire in the journey of those little kids.

To commemorate this feeling, some would reconsider giving their child names meaning “fire”, remembering the sensations that set their bodies aflame or believing that their offspring have the quality or potential of a fire: to rise above the others and be a flame to light the path towards the greater good of all. Names meaning “fire” would fit best to the burning desire that two people have for each other. Light the fire on the torch of your child for them to start their “Olympics” towards the path of life.

Baby Names Meaning Fire

Every child is an offspring of two people whose love for each other blossomed romantically, leading to the conception of a being that may bring yet another endless possibility for the world. Give these names meaning “fire” a try; it would be worth naming your child after fire. Let them shine and ignite the world with their burning passion to do things the fiery way. Keep on reading below to find some of the best names that mean fire or other meanings relevant to flame, light or sparkle.

Girl Names Meaning “fire”

Udia: A Hebrew name that means fire of God.

Ignacia: A Spanish name meaning fire.

Ethne: An Irish name meaning fire.

Rekka: Means fire in Japanese.

Hotaru: A Japanese name that means firefly or lightning bug.

Aalish: A Persian name meaning flame.

Titaia: In Greek mythology, Titaia is the mother of the Titans, whose name means fire or to burn.

Calida: Means fiery or hot in Latin.

Electra: Means the sparkling, fiery sun in Greek. In Greek mythology, Electra is the daughter of Agamemnon.

Fira: An English name that means fiery.


Boy Names Meaning “fire”

Aiden: A Celtic name meaning little fire.

Kai: Means fire in Scotland.

Uriel: A Hebrew name meaning flame.

Tyson: An English name that means fiery tempered.

Chamuel: Means heat in Hebrew.

Brando: An Italian name that means fiery.

Titus: The Latin form of Greek Titos, meaning fire or to burn.

Nuri: Means fire in Arabia.

Phlegon: In Greek mythology, Phlegon is the name of one of the horses of the noon-day sun, which means the blazing or burning one.

Brenton: Means fire or flame.


Celebrity Girl Names that mean Fire

Aine Rose Campbell: A British fashion model. Aine means fire.

Ignacia Allamand: An actress who starred in the 2014 movie, The Green Inferno. Ignacia means fiery in Latin.

Edna Holland: A New York City actress famous during the 1950s.

Fira Basuki: An Indonesian novelist. Fira means fire.

Ember Swift: An artist and composer from Toronto, Ontario Canada. Ember is a variation of Amber, which means fiery red.


Celebrity Boy Names that mean Fire

Bear Blaze: Name of actress, Kate Winslet’s, son.

Tyson Cleotis Chandler: An American professional basketball center with the Dallas Mavericks of the National Basketball Association.

Keegan Bradley: An American professional golfer who competes on the PGA Tour. Keegan means tiny little fire in Gaelic.

Kenneth Cole: Famous owner and designer of Kenneth Cole Reaction fashion line. An English name meaning born of fire.

Kenny Rogers: A very famous musician. Kenny in English means born of fire.

DJ Cham: A DJ at the Hollywood Mix Xone Radio. Cham is a Hebrew name meaning heat.

Collection of Names Meaning “Fire”

Adan: Irish name meaning “Little fire”
Adar: Hebrew name meaning “Fire”
Adara: Hebrew name meaning “Fire”
Adeen: Irish name meaning “Little fire”
Aidan: Irish name meaning “Little fire”
Aideen: Irish name meaning “Little fire”
Aine: Celtic name meaning “Fire or joy”
Aithne: Celtic name meaning “Fire”
Alev: Turkish name meaning “Flame”
Anala: Indian name meaning “Fiery”
Angarika: Indian name meaning “Flame of the forest”
Arati: Indian name meaning “Divine fire in a ritual”
Ardere: Latin name meaning “Fire”
Atesh: Turkish name meaning “Flame”
Aturdokht: Persian name meaning “Daughter of fire”
Azar: Persian name meaning “Fire, 9th month of the Iranian calendar”
Banhi: Hindi name meaning “Fire”
Basia: Czech name meaning “Fire”
Blas: German name meaning “Firebrand”
Blasa: German name meaning “Firebrand”
Brande: English name meaning “Firebrand”
Brendika: Teutonic name meaning “Fire”
Brendike: Teutonic name meaning “Fire”
Brenna: Teutonic name meaning “Blazing light”
Brenneka: Teutonic name meaning “Fire”
Brenneke: Teutonic name meaning “Fire”
Calida: Latin name meaning “Fiery”
Callida: Latin name meaning “Fiery”
Celosia: Greek name meaning “Burning”
Cendrillion: French name meaning “Of the ashes”
Chante-peta: Native American name meaning “Fire heart (Sioux)”
Cinderella: French name meaning “Of the ashes”
Ea: Gaelic name meaning “Fire”
Edana: Gaelic name meaning “Fiery, tiny flame”
Edna: Celtic name meaning “Fire or joy”
Effie: Greek name meaning “Fair flame”
Eideann: Gaelic name meaning “Fiery”
Eithna: Irish name meaning “Fire”
Eithne: Celtic name meaning “Little fire”
Elda: Norse name meaning “Fire woman”
Eldrid: Norse name meaning “Fiery spirit”
Electra: Greek name meaning “The fiery sun”
Elektra: Greek name meaning “The fiery sun”
Ember: English name meaning “The smoldering remains of a fire”
Ena: Celtic name meaning “Passionate or fiery”
Enya: Celtic name meaning “Little fire”
Etain: Celtic name meaning “Little fire”
Ethne: Celtic name meaning “Fire”
Etney: Irish name meaning “Fire”
Fia: Latin name meaning “Short for Fiametta, little fiery one”
Fiametta: Latin name meaning “Little fiery one”
Fiamette: Latin name meaning “Little fiery one”
Golnar: Persian name meaning “Red flower, center of a flame”
Hourig: Armenian name meaning “Small fire”
Idris: Hindi name meaning “Fiery”
Igantia: Latin name meaning “Fiery”
Ignacia: Latin and Spanish name meaning “Fiery”
Iniga: Latin & Italian name meaning “Fiery”
Jwala: Hindi name meaning “Flame”
Jyoti: Indian name meaning “Flame, lamp”
Jyotika: Hindi name meaning “Light, flame”
Kalama: Hawaiian name meaning “Flaming torch”
Keahi: Hawaiian name meaning “Flames, fire”
Keegan: Celtic- Gaelic name meaning “Small and fiery, bright flame”
Keezheekoni: Native American name meaning “Burning fire (Cheyenne)”
Keezheekoni: Native American name meaning “Burning fire (Chippewa)”
Kegan: Celtic-Gaelic name meaning “Bright shining flame”
Kenna: English name meaning “Born of fire”
Neci: Latin name meaning “Fiery, passionate”
Necia: Latin name meaning “Fiery, passionate”
Niran: Arabic name meaning “Flames”
Nuraya: Turkish name meaning “Fire”
Nuri: Hebrew & Arabic name meaning “Fire; Flaming lights”
Nuria: Hebrew & Arabic name meaning “Fire; God’s fire”
Nuriye: Turkish name meaning “Fire”
Orinda: Teutonic name meaning “Fire serpent”
Pyralis: Greek name meaning “Of fire”
Serafine: Hebrew name meaning “Burning fire”
Seraphina: Hebrew name meaning “Burning fire”
Seraphine: Hebrew name meaning “Burning fire”
Serefina: Hebrew name meaning “Burning fire”
Shaleh: Persian name meaning “Flame”
Sholeh: Persian name meaning “Fire, flame”
Souzan: Persian name meaning “Burning, flaming”
Tana: Greek name meaning “Fire or star goddess”
Tarsa: Persian name meaning “Worshipper of fire; also a Christian”
Udipti: Hindi name meaning “On fire”
Vahni: Hindi name meaning “Fire”
Vanhi: Indian name meaning “Fire”
Vanhishikha: Indian name meaning “Flame”
Vesta: Latin name meaning “Goddess of sacred fire and of the hearth”

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