Most Popular Bible Baby Names for 2019

Choosing a name for your baby is a bag of mixed emotions. The name that you give your child will reflect more than just a word. These words are the first distinguishing thing about your child, and children will carry this name with them for the rest of their lives. The choice has to be the right one for your baby, your family, and your beliefs.

Popular Bible Names

Popular biblical names have meaning and great historical significance. There are many unique bible names to choose from when looking for the most popular bible baby names for your new baby, from the Old Testament names, New Testament names, and other biblical references.

History of Biblical Names

Throughout history, the Bible has been a source of names from which new parents have to choose for a bible baby name. These names are strong and bold, and carry with them a weight of their own. Many of the names have Hebrew, Greek, and Latin roots all of the way back to the beginning of the Bible. These countries have a great number of biblical names that are still commonly used, being passed down for generations. In the United States, the practice of naming children after biblical characters is a very common thread throughout such communities as the Catholics and the Amish sectors of the religious population. These deep-rooted popular biblical names have outlasted all of the latest trends in baby naming.

Celebrity Baby Names Trends for 2019

Some of the newest trends in naming newborns are to name babies after popular television stars, heroes, or movie stars. This is evident in the naming of girls Sadie, and boys Reed, after the popular reality television stars. Many people name their children after popular movie stars such as Greta, Elvis, or Grace. Some people are so in love with their sports, that they name their children after their favorite sports hero such as Desmond (Desmond Howard), Lance (Lance Armstrong), and Venus (Venus Williams) to name a few. Television stars themselves are following the modern trends of celebrity popularity by naming their children such things as Bohdi (Oliver Hudson & Erinn Bartlett), River (Taylor & Natalie Hanson), or Levi James (Sheryl Crow).

Popular Biblical Names And Meanings. Bible Baby Names

Bible Baby Names trends for 2019

Spices, Hispanic names, family names, Greek names, and using boys’ names for girls’ middle names will inspire the newest and hottest trends for newborn baby names. Regardless of what the popular trend is at the moment, bible baby names and meanings still hold the title as being the names that are most chosen for bible baby names among new parents.

The most popular bible names, origins, and meanings that parents choose for boys in 2019 are


  • pronounced jay-kob
  • Hebrew in origin
  • meaning to follow, to succeed, supplanter, held by the heel


  • pronounced al-iver
  • Latin in origin (Hebrew, Zayith, Greek – elaia, French)
  • meaning the olive tree, peace


  • pronounced ab-raw-hawm
  • Hebrew in origin
  • meaning father of multitudes or many nations


  • pronounced ie-zek
  • Hebrew in origin
  • meaning laughter or he laughs


  • pronounced may-son
  • Hebrew/Gadar/English in origin
  • meaning one who builds with stones or bricks

Celebrity bible names for boys

Noah (Megan Fox & Brian Austin Green)

  • pronounced no-ah
  • Hebrew in origin
  • meaning rest, respite

Megan Fox - Brian Austin Green And Noah

Luke (Gary Busey & Steffanie Sampson)

  • pronounced loo-k
  • Hebrew in origin (also Latin and Greek)
  • meaning bringer of light, morning

Steffanie Sampson - Gary Busey And Luke

The most popular bible names, origins, and meanings that parents choose for girls in 2019 are


  • pronounced-sare-uh
  • Hebrew in origin
  • meaning princess


  • pronounced-mar’-thah
  • Chaldee in origin (Aramaic, Hebrew, Greek and Arabic)
  • meaning royal lady, mistress


  • pronounced-lil-ee
  • Latin/Old English in origin
  • meaning flower, symbol of purity, innocence and beauty


  • pronounced-ar-ee-ale’
  • Hebrew in origin
  • meaning lion of God


  • pronounced-ab-ee-gayl
  • Hebrew in origin
  • meaning source of joy, father of exaltation

Celebrity bible names for girls

Elizabeth – (Tim & Jane Allen)

  • pronounced-el-ee-sab’-eth
  • Hebrew in origin
  • meaning oath of God

Tim Allen - Jane Allen And Eve

Eve – (Jessica Capshaw & Christopher Gavigan)

  • pronounced eev
  • Hebrew in origin
  • meaning is life or life-giver

Christopher Gavigan - Jessica Capshaw And Eve

Why you should choose a Biblical name for your baby

These Christian names, Old Testament names, and New Testament names, are sure to convey the portrayal of strength and faith of your family through the unique bible names that you choose for your child to carry. Give your baby the head start that they need by giving them a steady and strong foundation by choosing a meaningful bible baby names and meanings that fit your baby’s unique personality with your biblical choice of names.

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