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Every single day around the world, new babies are born. Some have names before birth, in other cases; it’s waited on for a period of time. Either way, choosing a name for your child is one that should be fitting for him or her as it will likely last throughout the remainder of your child’s entire lifetime.

If you happen to be a practicing Muslim and want to raise your children in this way, you will likely want to choose from the Muslim baby names. At the end of this post you will find our list of the top 100 Muslim baby names, so keep on reading.Top 100 Muslim Baby Names And Meanings

History of Muslim Names

Islam is one of the three original patriarchal religions in conjunction with Christianity and Judaism. Like the latter two, the religion is centered on the idea of monotheism on a single omniscient and omnipotent God. As with the original Jewish names (ex. Noah meaning “respite”), the original Muslim names meanings carry a sign of having obtained a spiritual favor with God (ex. Like the Prophet Muhammad’s name meaning praiseworthy and glorified).

Traditional Islamic Names

If you want to take a more traditional route with your Muslim names meanings, there is a very wide variety of options ranging from names of Sahaba (an original Islamic surname meaning “companion”, “to keep company with” or to “associate with”), to sons and daughters of the prophet Muhammad himself (ex. Fatimah for a girl or Tahir for a boy) to participants of Badr (i.e. after the Muslim warriors in the Battle of Badr).

Islamic Girl Names And Meanings

Muslim Names of Arabic Origin and Islamic Names

Arabic names were likely in existence before the rise of Islam as those actually originate from star names used by residents of the Arabian Peninsula since at least Ptolemy’s time in the second century. Claudius Ptolemy was an astronomer who charted the celestial positions of over 1,000 stars but his book wasn’t translated until the eighth or ninth century. Muslim astronomers later picked up and adapted his work and began using those star Arabic names for their own folklore and now these names are also often used as Muslim baby names (ex. Acrab or Al-Aqrab meaning the scorpion). Since the Quran was also written in the language, Arabic is still considered to be the original Islamic language to this day.

Muslim Girl Names, Islamic Baby Names

Muslim Baby Names: Muslim Boy Names and Muslim Girl Names, Popular Muslim Names and Top Muslim Names

The top five most popular Muslim boy names are Mohamed, Adam, Rayan, Ahmad and Danish. Rayan is Arabic for “gates of Heaven”, Ahmad originates from the Arabic hamida meaning “commendable” and in the Arabic context, Danish is actually among the popular Indian Muslim names meaning “clever, merciful, and foreseeing”.

The top five most popular Muslim girl names are Noor, Damia, Alya (we once had a rock star named Aaliyah who was killed in a plane crash in 2001), Alysha and Hannah. Noor is among the Indian Muslim names meaning “brightness, radiance”, Damia is of Greek origin meaning “Goddess of the elements of nature”, Alya is Arabic for “exalted” and Alysha simply means “noble and kind”.

A few other celebrities with surprisingly Muslim connections:
Ben Kingsley: famous for his academy award winning portrayal of Ghandi, his real name is Krishna Pandit Bhanji and his father is Kenyan and of Indian Muslim descent.
Shaquille O’Neal: famous for his basketball stardom and rap career, O’Neal’s first name and middle name, Rashaun put together means “little warrior” in Arabic. O’Neal is also openly Muslim.
-Dr. Oz: famous for his television show on medical advice, his full name is Mehmet (a variant of Muhammad meaning “praiseworthy”) Cengiz (meaning “universal lord”) Oz and he is a Turkish-American Muslim.
Khalil Kain: famous for his portrayal in the movie, Juice, his name put together means “friendly spear”.

If you are the type who prefers to think more originally, there is also a wide range of unique Muslim names to choose from such as Aileema (meaning “wise”) for a girl or Aaqil (also meaning “wise”) for a boy. Unlike the originals, the unique Muslim names meanings do not necessarily have a spiritual tie but have a very clear one in social standing.

Muslim Boy Names From Quran

MuslimNames Quran

If you want to choose from the Muslim names in Quran, both Allah (God Himself) and the Prophet Muhammad have 99 derisions of their name. The latter’s derisions arrange from Qasim (meaning “the distributer”) to Safi (meaning “sincere). The former’s derisions arrange from Al-Quddus (meaning “the Holy”) to Al-Badei (meaning “the incomparable”).

Modern Muslim Baby Names

Modern Muslim Names

If you have a mixed household, perhaps it would be more comfortable for all concerned to choose from modern Muslim names such as Ariana (meaning “Holy One”) for a girl or Tobias (meaning “the Lord is good”).

The great thing about Muslim names is that there is such a wide variety available that you do not have to go with the most popular Muslim names or top Muslim names if it wouldn’t be the most comfortable for all concerned. Islamic names have evolved so much that you do not have to limit yourself and you can even create your own unique Muslim names if you wish.

Our categories of Muslim Names will definitely inspire you to find the perfect name along with meaning, the use of the name, popularity, pronunciation and additional information for your family’s latest addition.


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