100 Most Unique Boy Names Trends in 2019 – Picking Out The Most Unique Boy Names

Your boy’s name will be one of the biggest decisions you make in his life. Choosing the perfect name takes time, focus, and some study to see what kind of names are out there for your selection. While you want something unique, you don’t want a name that is too “out there” and wacky! With that in mind, we have compiled a list of 100 of the most unique boy names that might come up in 2019 along with some information about where these names come from and the trends around them.

If you’re looking for unique boy names and meanings for your expecting baby boy, take a look at our list of the most unique and special boy names. Change is the only constant thing in life, a famous Greek philosopher, Heraclitus, said to support the notion that the world continues to undergo change over time. With the current situation we are now in, it is no surprise that people today will no longer stick to tradition especially in the context of naming. If you are looking for unique boy names, here you will find more than one hundred unique names for boys to pick your favorite.



There are some very visible trends to be seen in 2019’s unique names for boy list. A few of the most obvious are the Biblical names, alternatively spelled names, location names, and Roman or Greek names. The majority of the names on our list of 100 most unique boy names are ranked at 901st or higher in popularity in the US (data from ssa.gov) and elsewhere. Higher ranks are less popular, while those ranked closer to 1 are more popular, meaning these names are not popular or common in English speaking countries.

Unique Boy Names 2019
The 100 most unique boy names for 2019


Now, we’ll give you some examples of unique names that may seem foreign to your ears. Admit it, there were times you’ve been wondering around how some parents came up with a unique name. It could be a bad habit of fusing two names together or the name itself holds a special meaning. Either way, the fact of the matter is you’ve least heard of this name and your curiosity comes kicking in in full gears to the point that this name had occupied a good amount of space in your brain. Here are few examples of unique boy names gathered in the official 2018 list of popular boy names according to SSA: Yael, Izayah, Demarcus, Kieran, and Blaise.



As stated earlier, unique names have become a trend recently. There was an evident increase of not so common male names that made it to the top 100. In the 2018 survey conducted by SSA, these names are gaining popularity to both new and expectant parents alike: Liam ranks number 1 out of 100 most popular male names, followed by Jayden in the number 30 spot (from 15th spot in 2016), Wyatt in 26 (from 39 in 2016), Levi in 45, and Easton in the 66th spot (from 83th spot in 2016).

The 100 Most Unique Boy Names 2019


Some parents do not name their child on just a whim. They probably spent a considerable amount of time doing research while surfing the web or reading books they purchased in a local bookstore just to skim through names with unique meanings they deemed appropriate for their child. Here are examples of names with unique meanings:

Alistair – a Gaelic spelling for the Greek name Alexander, meaning helper or defender of mankind.

Vaughn – a Celtic name, meaning small.

Kyrie – a Greek word meaning Lord.

Henri – French word meaning ruler of the house.

Eleazar – a Hebrew name meaning God has helped.



If you look at the list, you can see many different male Biblical names showing up in the unique names list. These names have not been popularly used for many years and have fallen out of style in favor of short forms and alternate, more modern variations. Examples on our list include Jeremiah, Ezra, Silas, Jude, Eli, and Josiah.



One trend that was present in 2018 that is still showing up in 2019 is the location naming trend. A few of the names on our list show this trend, such as Houston, Hudson, Zaire, and Princeton. Location names or places names are not just trending in unique names, but can also be seen in some of the most popular names in 2020 and 2019 as well. This makes these names ideal as they fit in with a popular trend while standing out as very unique names for your baby boy.



Everyone wants to find their own way to make a name stand out and to help their children possess a name that is different from those around them. For this reason, many people tend to give their children a popular name or a common name with an alternative spelling. Some of these names include Emmett, Everett, Dashiell, Ryder, Benton, Corban, Aryan, Deon, Anders, Jakobe, and Kamren. Many of these names listed here are not just alternative spellings, but also change the name slightly in order to make it a bit more different. Benton is the best example, as it takes a common name Benson or Benjamin and changes it to a rarer form.



While others put great effort in giving unique names with meanings for their babies, some parents made a little tweak in the spelling, making it cooler though it would not sound different from the regular names we’re used to. These are examples of names spelled differently: Jaxon, Jayceon, Zayne, Ryder, and Rayan.

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Unique Boy Names And Meanings




As a famous celebrity in the limelight, many actors, musicians, and other famous personalities feel a lot of pressure to give their children very unique names. A few celebs that we know of have taken this way out of hand, but many are more reasonable and find creative, interesting names for their children that aren’t too far out of the box! Some of the names on our list were used by celebrities in late 2018 or early 2019. Here are some of the examples we found of the unique names given by celebrities to their baby boys:


It can’t be denied that celebrities also contribute to why trends exist. Aside from movies, music, sports and clothes, celebrities, whether we love them or not, do not want to be left behind in this growing trend of naming their son(s) uniquely as possible. Here are some celebrity kids with unique names:

Axl Jack – Fergie and Josh Duhamel

Future Zahir – Ciara and Future

Kaius Jagger – Rachel Zoe and Rodger Berman

Dreavyn Kingslee – Billy Martin and Linzi Williamson

Knox Leon – Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt


Still looking for Unique Boy Names? Here is the rest of the Top 100 unique boy names and meanings.
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    1. Atticus (meaning “From Attica”)
    2. Ezra (meaning “Help, helper”)
    3. Silas (meaning “Of the forest”)
    4. Kai (meaning “Strong, unbreakable”)
    5. Jude (meaning “The praised one”)
    6. Milo (meaning “Mild, peaceful, calm, merciful”)
    7. Miles (meaning “Gracious, soldier”)
    8. Eli (meaning “High, ascended, ‘My God’”)
    9. Beckett (meaning “Stream, brook”)
    10. Josiah (meaning “Jehovah has healed”)
    11. Soren (meaning “Stern, severe, ‘god of war’”)
    12. Bodhi (meaning “Awakens”)
    13. Lachlan (“Land of the Lochs”)
    14. Luca (meaning “Bringer of light”)
    15. Everett (meaning “Brave as a wild boar”)
    16. Emmett (meaning “Powerful”)
    17. Dashiell (meaning “Page boy”)
    18. Callum (meaning “Dove”)
    19. Roman (meaning “A Roman”)
    20. Hudson (meaning “Son of the hooded man”)
    21. Ryder (meaning “Knight”)
    22. Beau (meaning “Handsome”)
    23. Zane (meaning “Gift from God”)
    24. Rhys (meaning “Ardour, rashness”)
    25. Princeton (meaning “Principal one, first”)
    26. Lincoln (meaning “Roman colony at the pool”)
    27. Bennett (meaning “Blessed”)
    28. Maddox (meaning “Son of Madoc”)
    29. Aryan (meaning “Son of Arya”)
    30. Nolan (meaning “Noble, descendant of a champion”)
    31. Augustine (meaning “To increase”)
    32. Anders (meaning “Manly”)
    33. Benton (meaning “Town in the bent grass”)
    34. Zaire (meaning “River”)
    35. Corban (meaning “A gift devoted to God”)
    36. Deon (meaning “God”)
    37. Elvis (meaning “All-wise”)
    38. Franco (meaning “Frenchman”)
    39. Gibson (meaning “Gilbert’s son”)
    40. Houston (meaning “From Hugh’s town”)
    41. Ignacio (meaning “Fire”)
    42. Jeremiah (meaning “May Jehovah exalt”)
    43. Jean (meaning “Gift from God”)
    44. Jakobe (meaning “A Japanese city”)
    45. Keon (meaning “King of Kings”)
    46. Kamren (meaning “Crooked nose”)
    47. Kingsley (meaning “From the king’s wood”)
    48. Otto (meaning “Wealth, fortune”)
    49. Pierre (meaning “Rock, stone”)
    50. Thaddeus (meaning “Courageous heart”)
    51. Quinton (meaning “Fifth”)
    52. Brooks (meaning “A brook, stream, running water”)
    53. Pierce (meaning “Stone”)
    54. Rocco (meaning “Battle cry; rest”)
    55. Phoenix (meaning “Deep red”)
    56. Harley (meaning “Spacious Meadow”)
    57. Farrell (meaning “Of Proven Courag”)
    58. Thorn (meaning “Thorn bush”)
    59. Jamison (meaning “Supplanter”)
    60. Ajax (meaning “Of the earth”)
    61. Reid (meaning “Red”)
    62. Enzo (meaning “Home ruler”)
    63. Zayden (meaning “Little fire”)
    64. Chance (meaning “Good fortune”)
    65. Ryker (meaning “Hardy power”)
    66. Griffin (meaning “Reddish”)
    67. Cason (meaning “House”)
    68. Chasin (meaning “Strong; hardy”)
    69. Axel (meaning “God the Father is Peace”)
    70. Cadmus (meaning “One who excels, A man from the east”)
    71. Damon (meaning “Constant, Loyal, Subdue”)
    72. Porter (meaning “One who carries goods”)
    73. Orion (meaning “A Hunter in Greek Mythology”)
    74. Bryant (meaning “Noble, strong, virtuous”)
    75. August (meaning “Venerated”)
    76. Faust (meaning “Lucky”)
    77. Zeke (meaning “Strength of God”)
    78. Titus (meaning “Giant”)
    79. Gunner (meaning “One who uses or works with guns”)
    80. Jett (meaning “Black gemstone”)
    81. Donovan (meaning “Dark chieftain”)
    82. Dexter (meaning “Dyer of cloth; skilled”)
    83. Jax (meaning “Jack’s son”)
    84. Zenon (meaning “Stranger var. of Xenon”)
    85. Felix (meaning “Happy and Prosperous”)
    86. Finn (meaning “Fair”)
    87. Brendan (meaning “Prince, A Raven”)
    88. Ryland (meaning “Land where rye is grown, From the Rye Land”)
    89. Zander (meaning “Defending men”)
    90. Maximus (meaning “The greatest”)
    91. Alistair (meaning “Helper or defender of mankind“)
    92. Vaughn (meaning “Small”)
    93. Kyrie (meaning “Lord”)
    94. Henri (meaning “Ruler of the house”)
    95. Eleazar (meaning “God has helped”)
    96. Knox (meaning “Round-topped hill”)
    97. Zahir (meaning “Shining, flourishing”)
    98. Braylon (meaning “From the name Braydon and Lyn”)
    99. Kaden (meaning “Companion”)
    100. Wells (meaning “Lives by the spring; From the spring or well”)

Conclusion on choosing a Unique Boy Name

Even though you might end up choosing a common name or refusing to go with this new fever in naming, never forget that what is more important is that you will take full responsibility in raising and providing your child a life full of love. Your child is your reflection as a parent. Naming may be a once in a lifetime opportunity, but love creates more opportunities to make your child a being that will be best remembered during the span of his existence. Parents, you better remember that.

Naming has become a trend. The more eccentric it sounds, the better. Most people are embracing the change through non-conformity. Parents of the newer generation would very much like to name their child in the most peculiar way and take pride in it being too unique. There’s a certain indescribable feeling when no one shares the same name as their child. They feel very accomplished. This is a clear reflection of their creativity, if not an expression of harmless rebellion to society.

Final Thoughts

Because of mass media, information is transmitted instantly with the help of the growing technology. Watching shows with your favorite celebrities may somehow contribute to how they derive a particular name for their baby. After all, what the human senses can perceive plays an important role in influencing the human mind, especially in decision-making.

And if the child is a boy, parents would definitely waste no opportunity to name their son in a very conservative manner. Males are usually equated to strength or power. Thus, this demands a name that would clearly reflect these traits with a little touch of uniqueness and great utilization of someone’s idiosyncrasies.


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