Top 100 Most Popular Names 2013: New Number 1 is Noah

Whether you’re searching for a trendy name for your baby, or a completely unique one, you’ll need to comprehend what other mums and dads are are picking. Just released from the Social Security Administration, the complete list of top 100 most popular names 2013 in US. Scroll down to read the rest of the article and find the list of the top picked baby names of 2013 on the bottom of this page.

Top 10 Most Popular Boy Names

Most changes in places are on top 10 boy names and fewer at the girl names, with names changing positions based on trends shifts. Liam keeps gaining popularity and jumps up to second place in just his second year on the Top 10, above William which keeps its position leaving Ethan behind. And we have a new entry at the Top 10, Daniel is back at number 10, as the trendy Aiden dropped off.

Top 10 Most Popular Girl Names

The top 10 girl names are nearly the same with previous years, the 2 first positions are the same for Sophia and Emma, the next 2 positions for number 3 and 4 are Olivia and Isabella which shifted positions, Mia gained popularity while Emily and Abigail slid down. The Top 10 baby names list is influenced by Celebrities and pop culture, Noah is the name Megan Fox and  Brian Austin Green chose for their son, while Mason is Kourtney Kardashian’s choice. There are any other examples at our name list. The full Top 100 baby names for 2013, is at the bottom of the page, so keep reading.

Top 100 baby names for 2013

Noah is the new most popular boy nameTop 100 Most Popular Names 2013

Noah has won Jacob and is now the new top boy name choice of the 21st century.

Girl names are becoming more serious, following family traditions or religious beliefs, while boy names are influenced by lifestyle and culture, trends and other sources, from athletes names, movie stars names, heroes and other.

Noah is just the seventh name to ever make Number 1 for boys, and the third at the highest position of boys’ top names list in the last 60 years. Michael was the top choice for boys from 1954 until 1999, when Jacob took control. Noah is the well-known biblical figure who built the ark and saved a pair of each animal – lately played by Russell Crowe in the movie “Noah” and probably influenced the rise of the names popularity this year.

Liam, is an Irish short type of William, entering the Top 10 surprisingly a year ago. Liam’s popularity owes a lot to the famous actor Liam Neeson.

Sophia remains at Number 1 for the last 3 years. This Greek name meaning “Wisdom”, keeps inspiring new parents. Sophia is a Saints name, a Royal name, a God and Goddess name and also a Celebrity name. The Latin spelling of the name, Sofia, is very popular in Spanish speaking countries.

Other names with great history and meaning but also a modern style, making them trendy and popular are Ava, Mia, Emma and Emily.

Sophia and Noah are the top names, because they both appeal to new parents of different ethnic groups, religious beliefs, cultures, languages, educational or financial status. Noah, entered the Top 100 in 1996 and the Top 10 just in 2009, is a name of Hebrew origin meaning “Rest, Peace, Comfort, Peaceful” and is also a popular name in UK, Ireland, Netherlands, Sweden and Germany. In Israel it is number 1 for both boys, as Noam, and for girls, as Noa.

Daniel, which outscored Aiden from the top 10, is a frequent visitor since the 70s.

The new entries to the Top 100 baby names list include Mila, Nicole, Sadie, Nora, Ruby, Penelope and Paisley – for girls. For boys, the new names in the Top 100 are Camden, Lincoln, and Jaxson, making it easy to guess that parents are trying to choose more unique or rare names for girls. You can also read our predictions for 2015 top baby names, based on trends. Enough said, time for rankings.

The Official 2013 US Top 100 Baby Names

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Top 100 Baby names 2013

Note: Rank 1 is the most popular, rank 2 is the next most popular, and so forth.

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