Vintage Boy Names – 100 Cool and Old fashioned Baby Names for Boy

Expecting a new baby boy to the family can really be excruciating – mesmerizing. You want to make it perfect; so you’re left with a lot of overwhelming decisions like what color should his room be painted with, where to get a decent rock-n-roll, items of clothing and lots more.

Equally, among these fun and engaging decisions is giving the little charming Prince a name. You will have your list filled up with suggested names from mom, dad, cousin, grannies and other. However, you’ll desire a name – unique, different, and with a modern feel. You do not want your new baby boy bearing the exact name with several other kids in the neighborhood, school, church or other places.

So, Why Vintage Baby Boy Names?

Are you probably thinking there are several other baby boy name categories you can pick from, why go back in time? Simple! Vintage names are not overused as modern names, so they remain in style and a lot of people still find it appealing, new and fresh.

A vintage baby boy name provides you with that amazing feeling, a similar feeling you get when you see someone walking down the street with bell-bottom jeans and double-breasted suit coats. Although they have been in fashion for centuries, now still feels amazing, unique, in vogue and elegant.

Notably, most names out there today like Breylon, Jermajesty, etc do not have a history or meaning to be associated with it. We understand you need a unique name that stands out; however, such names should have a meaning or root in Latin, Greek, Hebrew, Celtic, or Germanic.

Vintage Boy Names - 100 Cool And Old Fashioned Baby Names For Boy

Where do Vintage names actually come from?

These categories of names are as old as any achievement you could think of today. They come from several places: Italy, England, Ireland, Spain, Greece, United States of America, and many more.

Looking for a vintage name? Check our list of the best 100 Old-Fashioned names for your boy

  1. Arthur: This has its root from classic Celtic; meaning to bear. Arthur has been widely used like the legendary King Arthur (of Knights of the Round Table fame), famous writers Arthur Miller and many others.
  2. Abraham: This is one of the amazing vintage baby boy names; it goes way back to a biblical story of an upright, God-loving man and the 16th president of United States who fought for democracy.
  3. Max: A stylish short form for monikers like Maxwell/Maximillian meaning “the greatest.”
  4. Atticus: A vintage name from Latin root and means “from Attica.”
  5. Byron: this is an old-fashioned English name with a lowly meaning “barn for cows.”
  6. Caleb: this is an adorable Hebrew name from the Old Testament meaning “devotion to God”. Caleb is among the top 50 popular vintage names in 2015 – following Jacob and Noah. The popular American actress Kerry Washington – featured in Scandals – has a son with the name Caleb and nicknamed Cal.
  7. Calvin: this is an old-fashioned, quirky Latin name meaning “bald, hairless”. It has earned a place in the top 100 with the fashion brand – Calvin Klein given it more spotlight.
  8. Edmund: a cultured English name meaning “fortunate protector”.
  9. Edwin: an English name very similar to Edmund but meaning “wealthy friend.”
  10. Ethan: a Hebrew name ideal for your little price if he looks strong; because it means “strong, firm”. The name became No. 3 most popular boy’s names in 2012.
  11. Felix: if you looking for a positive name, yet energetic Felix might be what you looking for. A Latin name meaning “happy, lucky or fortunate.”
  12. George: A retro name from Greek and meaning “farmer”.
  13. Harry: it comes from Old German and stands for “Home Ruler”.
  14. Henry: it also a German name very similar to Harry, also meaning “head of household”. Henry has ranked Top 100 for more than 30 years.
  15. Homer: Although Homer comes from ancient Greek scribe, it has successfully found its way into great classic epics. Homer means “security, pledge.”
  16. Isaac: if you love biblical names, then Issac is one of the Top 35 ahead of his cousin Isaiah. It is a Hebrew name meaning “laughter.”
  17. Jasper: a vintage name still having its style and uniqueness. The Persian name meaning: “bringer of treasure” is a better alternative to Jacob, Joshua, etc.
  18. Josiah: looking for a more appealing name to Jacob, Joseph? Then the Hebrew coined name found in the bible with meaning “God supports, heals” can be an excellent choice.
  19. Oliver: is an old-style Latin baby boy name from “olive tree”. Oliver currents place No. 1 baby boy name in England, New Zealand and Australia; also, placing No. 12 in the United States.
  20. Oscar: this is a decent choice if you looking for an English or Irish moniker. Oscar means “God spear, or deer-lover or champion warrior”. Famous actors: Hugh Jackman and Gillian Anderson have sons with the Irish name – Oscar. Currently, the English name has a placed in the Top 200 names for baby boys’.
  21. Roman: surprisingly, this name has become a hit name. A roman name meaning “citizen of Rome” gets the spotlight because of both the Australian actress Cate Blanchett and American experience Debra Messing named their sons Roman at the same time, and later by the American actress Molly Ringwald.
  22. Rufus: one of the cool vintage baby boy names from Latin meaning “red-head”. Fellow American singer-songwriter James Taylor gave birth to Twins, he had one named Rufus.
  23. Rupert: if you are looking for a variation for Robert, Rupert is a German variation, charming and manly meaning “bright fame”.
  24. Sebastian: a classical name from Latin and Greek roots, now popular in England. Currently, it has a place in the Top 25. Sebastian means “person from ancient city of Sebasta”.
  25. Silas: sounds old-fashioned, originate from Latin and have made it way among the English. Silas comes from New Testament meaning “wood, forest”.
  26. Simon: this is a biblical vintage name not really overused making it an ideal choice for a mother looking for a stylish retro name. Simon comes from Hebrew and means “the listener”.
  27. Eli: A retro Hebrew baby boy name meaning “ascended.”
  28. Theodore: is gorgeous classic becoming popular due to its appealing and short nickname – Theo. Theodore is Greek name meaning “gift of God”. However, in 2016, Ivanka Trump had her third child name Theodore – thanks to her husband Jared Kushner.
  29. Tobias: is an ascending Hebrew oldie but goodie boy’s name meaning “God is good”.
  30. Zachary: this is a decent, very retro and felicitous Hebrew name with awesome meaning “the Lord has remembered.”
  31. Levi: A propitious vintage Hebrew baby boy name meaning “joined” or “attached.”
  32. Charlie: This is a classic Old English name derived from “ceorl” meaning “man.”
  33. Julian: numerous powerful Roman emperors have gone by this Latin name meaning “youthful.”
  34. Robert: this is one of the pretty and common names with origins from German meaning “bright” or “famed.”
  35. Josiah: a biblical name from Hebrew with an amazing meaning “Jehovah has healed.”
  36. Nathaniel: A popular biblical Hebrew name meaning “God has given.”
  37. Everett: this is an Old English name meaning “brave as a wild boar.”
  38. Silas: a modern alternative for boy’s names like Samuel, Sidney etc with origin from Latin meaning “from the forest.”
  39. Frederick: Although the name is old, yet it is par with contemporary names. Frederick comes from an Old High German word fridruih – meaning “ruler of peace.”
  40. Augustus: A name associated with a great Roman emperor meaning “magnificent”.
  41. Barnaby: A classic British name with style meaning “consolation”; popular from the TV show – detective Barnaby Jones.
  42. Benedict: A vogue old Latin name meaning “blessed.”
  43. Dashiell: An Old French name previously used as a surname is now vogue for boys. Australian actress Cate Blanchett and American singer-songwriter Alice Cooper named their sons Dashiell.
  44. Elias: A Greek biblical name variant to Elijah which is in the top 10. It’s mostly shortened as Eli and means “Yahweh is God.”
  45. Gideon: A fashionable vintage name from the Old Testament meaning “hewer.” The famous American actor Neil Patrick Harris named his son – Gideon.
  46. Gilbert: A resurging vintage name meaning “pledged”; now ranks top 100.
  47. Holden: A classic English name meaning “hollow valley.” Now ranked on top 300 names for boys.
  48. Howard: A German name with gorgeous meaning “brave heart.”
  49. Ives: A rare nature-themed name meaning “yew wood” and “The little archer”; an English variant of the French name Yves.
  50. Jeremiah: An Old Testament name ranking high in the top 100; thanks to the classic rock favorite, “Jeremiah Was a Bullfrog.”
  51. Maxwell: A decent masculine Scottish name meaning “great stream.” Recently, the American singer Jessica Ann Simpson chose Maxwell for her new baby.
  52. Spencer: A famous stylish name meaning “steward,” popular now due to screen legend Spencer Tracy.
  53. Wallace: An Old-fashionable Scottish name that means foreigner.
  54. Noah: A biblical Hebrew name meaning “rest and comfort.” Presently ranked in the Top 15 since 2009.
  55. William: derived from a German word meaning “protection.”
  56. Benjamin: a stylish Hebrew vintage name from the bible meaning “son of the right hand; son of the south; son of my old age.” 2009, American footballer Tom Brady and Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bündchen had another name which was named – Benjamin. Also in 2010, American actor John Travolta and Kelly Preston a year had a boy with the name Benjamin.
  57. Michael: A spectacular Hebrew name gaining more popularity since the 19th century. It is a name of an archangel in the Bible meaning “Who resembles God?”
  58. Charles: this is an amazing name, famous in England, France, Spain, Hungary, and Portugal; meaning “freeman”. Several celebrities have chosen Charles for their sons – American actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus, New Zealand actor Russell Crowe, and American actress Jodie Foster.
  59. Leo: A short, retro Latin name meaning “Lion” and serves as a short form for Leonard, Leon, and Leopold. In 2011, the Spanish actor Javier Bardem & Penelope Cruz gave their little prince Leo.
  60. Vincent: another spectacular Latin vintage name meaning “prevailing”; shortened as Vin.
  61. Moses: this one of the favorite biblical name. the English singer Chris Martin and American actress Gwyneth Paltrow had a baby and was named Moses.
  62. Clark: A great, simple, yet strong vintage boy’s name meaning “scribe, cleric or scholar.” Clark became popular with actor Clark Kent – Superman.
  63. Nicholas: a strong, amazing name meaning “people of victory.”
  64. Leonardo: became popular stylish vintage name thanks to the Italian Leonardo da Vinci meaning “’brave lion.”
  65. Albert: this is an Anglo-Saxon derived name and has remained in fashion for years with its meaning “Noble, bright.”
  66. Jude: a nice vintage name with origin from Hebrew meaning “praise.”
  67. James: associated with the Hebrew name Jacob meaning “supplanter.” The name has grown to be a lot of people choices thanks to 6 USA presidents.
  68. John: in 1940’s, John became famous during this era of World War II because of its gracious meaning “mercy or grace of Lord”.
  69. Owen: is nice old-fashioned name now finding it’s a way of modern parents meaning “young warrior.”
  70. Alexander: A strong and powerful Greek name derived from Alexandros meaning “protector of men.”
  71. Anthony: is a simple yet strong name meaning “priceless and praiseworthy.”
  72. Alfred: popular among the British meaning “‘wise.”
  73. Archie: A short form of the Scottish name Archibald meaning “true and bold.” The first name of the son of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex aka Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.
  74. Bert: A shot and sweet name often derived from names like Robert, Albert, and Bertram.
  75. Clarence: An English name – charming and masculine – meaning “clear or bright”.
  76. Claude: Claude is a short and sophisticated English name meaning “lame.”
  77. Edgar: A powerful Old English name meaning “powerful and fortunate.”
  78. Elmer: A Teutonic name with a delicate feel, which means “awe-inspiring”.
  79. Ernest: A charming boys name derived from the German word – Ernust meaning “serious or determined”.
  80. Enoch: A vigor masculine name derived from Hebrew origin meaning “dedicated.”
  81. Samson: From the historical biblical powerful warrior usually shortened as Sam.
  82. Ephraim: A unique vintage baby boy name derived from a Hebrew word.
  83. Orson: A simple and elegant name for your little man; derived from Latin meaning “bear cub.” Celebrities now have their sons called Orson – Paz Vega & Lauren Ambrose.
  84. Chester: this is a cute and cuddly name meaning “fortress or walled town.”
  85. Matthew: A fashionable classic name, ranking high in the top vintage boys’ name.
  86. Warren: We feel that there’s something tough and rugged about the name Warren. It will make a great name for your son.
  87. Perry: A baby boy name with an amazing cuddling feel, which from Latin origin meaning “Wanderer, Traveler”.
  88. Samuel: A nice and not too stuffy name, with lots of cool names.
  89. Raymond: Raymond was once every mother’s pick, it means, “Wise protector”.
  90. Grover: A nice name for your baby boy, with origin from English root and meaning “Grove dweller.”
  91. Floyd: A nice, unique vintage boys’ name derived from a Celtic word meaning “gray.”
  92. Luther: a powerful and well-known name thanks to Martin Luther King, Jr. meaning “renowned warrior.”
  93. Andrew: A masculine name derived Greek word meaning “manly.”
  94. David: A decent and favorite biblical Hebrew name, which is popularly picked by modern mothers. David means “Beloved, Friend.”
  95. Ike: A nice baby boy name coming from Hebrew meaning “Laughter.”
  96. Joseph: A lovely vintage name derived from a Hebrew word meaning “May Jehovah gives increase”.
  97. Lawrence: A baby boy name sounding retro coming from a Latin root meaning “Of or from Laurentum.”
  98. Miles:  A Latin name meaning “Soldier.”
  99. Levi: Derived from a Hebrew word meaning “Joined.”
  100. Nelson: An amazing retro name perfect for good-looking baby boys. Nelson comes from a Gaelic word meaning Champion.

This was the the best 100 Vintage boy names list from our name experts, selected after considering popularity and trends from social security administration and thorough web research in other countries official name databases.

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