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Pick your new baby’s name by category. Our wide selection of boy and girl names is divided into many different categories to help you choose a name more easily, by category of interest (e.g. names that┬áhave their origins in mythology, heroes, or sports etc.)

There are many different name categories available, sorted by country or ethnicity, such as English names or Celtic – Gaelic names, religious beliefs such as, Christian or Hindu, or even more specific categories, such as tree names, nature names, rare names, common names, popular names, mythological names or even celebrity names and love names.

We conduct a lot of research and analysis on names to place them in the right category for you. We research the meaning of each name including every origin, the countries and languages where the name is used, its etymology, history and other information before deciding on the category that the name belongs to.

A baby boy name or baby girl name can belong to more than one category; it can be a common name, a cool name, a Christian name and an American name all at the same time.

Each boy name or girl name is listed with a meaning, category, pronunciation and with other details, such as the countries where it is used and the languages that use it, plus its popularity along with other useful stuff.

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Browse through our resource of baby names by category to help you choose the unique name for your new born baby, boy or girl. You can also search baby names by origin.

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Note that baby name categories are designed only to help you, and not to be an influential factor when choosing a name. Instead, we recommend that you pay greater attention to the origin and meaning of the name.

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