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What’s my name’s origin?

Search for your new baby’s name by origin. So, you are searching for a baby boy name or girl name to give to your new born baby, you are very close to finding the perfect name to give as the very first gift to your precious one, but do you really know where that name comes from? Do you know the origin or origins of the name?

Where does my name come from?

We recommend that you identify the origin of the name you choose as it shows where this name first came from. Browsing for baby names and meanings by origin is a great place to start searching for your newborn baby’s name, as the origin of the name is usually the first priority when searching for a name, along with its meaning and significance. Parents often consider their cultural and ethnic backgrounds when it comes to deciding on the name, so the origin of the name is an important factor.

Browse our wide resource of unique and different baby names origins from countries across the world that will help you choose your new baby’s name. Click on an origin below to see all the names that have their root in your selected origin.

Origins of baby names all over the world

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