Aztec Names

Aztec Baby Names – Nahuatl Baby Names

Aztec names include the names given in the Nahuatl dialect, utilized by the Aztecs. These names otherwise called Nahuatl names are still in use today as boy names and girl names by the Nahua people groups of Central Mexico and El Salvador among different places across the seacoast. Nahuas talk the Nahuatl dialect; an aggregation of the Uto-Aztecan language family utilized as a part of Central Mexico broadly before the Spanish conquest and is still spoken by about 1.5 million Nahua individuals.

 Aztec Names meanings – Nahuatl Names meanings

The meaning of the Aztec girl names is basically about the birth order. There is a more excellent mixture of Nahuatl names for Aztec kid names. The Aztecs were ethnic gatherings of Central Mexico, talking the Nahuatl dialect and commanded vast parts of Mesoamerica from the fourteenth to sixteenth centuries and particularly the valley of Mexico which was the heart of Aztec civilization. See additionally Aztec origin names for additional information regarding Aztec Names.

Aztec Names (or Nahuatl names) have an incredible history, hailing from a great civilization and society and are an exceptional decision of names for your baby boy or baby girl.

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