Beninese Names

Beninese Baby Names

Beninese Names are the names used by the people of the Republic of Benin in West Africa. Benin is a small country bordered to the west by Togo, by Nigeria to the East and by Burkina Faso and Nigeria to the north. The great ancient kingdoms of Benin and Dahomey thrived and flourished there, which became very famous for their striking sculptural works of art. Until 1975 the country’s name was “The Kingdom of Dahomey”, a a well-organized and powerful state during the 17th century. The official language is French but the indigenous languages Fon and Yoruba are widely spoken.

Beninese names meanings

Baby names in Benin reflect different linguistics impacts, both European and African in nature and Beninese boy names and girl names are frequently organized around the root words ‘efe’ (meaning “wealth”) ,’osa’( meaning “God”) and ‘omo’, meaning “this one can make a child.” See also African Names and Nigerian Names for more information about African Names.

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