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Celebrity Baby Names

Celebrity Baby names and meaningsPeople are naturally curious and inquisitive about the people they are surrounded by. With media streams such as the internet and television, this curiosity has morphed into a culture of millions that chose to be interested in the lifestyles of celebrities.  People have become fascinated with their luxurious lifestyle and desirable social life.  The new trend among celebrities are the baby names that are selected by famous and wealthy couples.

How Celebrities choose names for their babies

Before tabloids and magazines exploit or create shock among society with far off baby names, they fail to do a deep dive into the facts, and reasons why these famous couples even come up with these names.  John Travolta is one famous individual that has a son named Jett.  Even though this baby name isn’t as shocking as some of the other baby names, it does have meaning.  John Travolta gave his baby name Jett to his son because he loves to fly airplanes.  If we never knew this, we would think it’s a crazy baby name.

There are other reasons to the baby names give among celebrities.  Celebrity baby names are also given to new babies for publicity stunts too.  Photos sell, and turn huge profits for media putting the cash flow back into the celebrity bank account.  It’s a cycle that people may never understand but these celebrity baby names will also create a new fad among baby names, especially in the United States.

Celebrity Baby Names and Meanings

Gwenith Paltrow and Chris Martin became movers and shakers that sent ripples throughout the celebrity baby name contest.  Well, it wasn’t actually a contest but when they came up with the celebrity baby name of “Apple” it definitely raised the bar among the celebrity community and enabled other famous couples to adopt the celebrity baby name trend.  According to the couple apples are sweet and wholesome, and that is the reason they named their baby “Apple”.

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian pulled through with an original celebrity baby name of “North West” for their new daughter.  The bland name is still original enough to top the celebrity baby name list but has meaning behind the name just like John Travolta had meaning behind his son’s name.  At least Kanye and Kim will know exactly where their daughter ends up on a map, she will never be lost.  Even when the trendy baby name dies off from the media, North West will always be covered by the weather channel.

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