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Celtic Baby Names

Celtic baby names and meaningsCeltic baby names have gained recently popularity in the realm of naming a newborn, especially considering the growing popularity trend of parents who seek to name their children after a word or symbol that has an alternative meaning, representing a characteristic quality that the parents hope their children will acquire. Interestingly, a significant number of names which have been used popularly by parents for ages have an alternative Celtic meaning that the parents are typically unaware of, including the name Brian, which also translated to the Celtic meaning of “noble, strong one”.  For this reason, individuals are finding themselves turning to the historical names of these people’s who occupied Europe and the British Isles as a method of setting their babies on the right track to nobility, intelligence, and honor, at a young age. You can browse through our pages to find many Celtic baby names by meaning, pronunciation, use and additional information. See also  Gaelic names for more information about Gaelic boy names and Gaelic girl names or Scottish names and Irish names for meanings and useful information about these other relating baby names. If you are interested for the origin of Celtic baby names coming from the history of the Celts, see Celtic – Gaelic origin baby names baby names.

Celtic Boy names

Celtic boy names stereotypically span the gamut as far as interesting and unique names go.  While some of these names require accents and other grammar that is uncommon to the English Language, or numerous other languages for that matter, it instills a sense of individuality on the named children from the standpoint of their loving parents.  Some of the most popular names include Brian and Drest (Drust or Tristan), but there are certainly more unique options available, each with differing translations and symbolic terminology.

Celtic Girl names

Celtic girl names are generally intended to be symbolic of strength and masculine independence that many cultures attributed solely to males, which is why this the Celtic names for women generally continue to translate to ambiguous qualities, at least for their culture.  Some of the most popular Celtic names for baby girls include Niamh and Grace. On the contrary some unusual and rare baby girl names include Ninian and Agata.  In addition, the popularized name Abaigeal, typically spelled “Abigail” has a Celtic derivative which means father’s joy.  Clearly a number of our popular baby names from the west have roots from ancient cultures that many people are uninformed about.

In an age in which people are searching for a sense of strength and nobility, Celtic baby names have gained incredibly popularity among expectant parents.  Not only are these parents proud to line their children with such highly respected names and connotations, but it is their way of intending their children to behave and act in a way synonymous with their Celtic translation.  In other words, it provides an outfit for hope and prosperity for parents to be.

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