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Heroic Names – Hero Names

Heroic baby names are the names of Heroes and Heroines from mythology, literature and science fiction films and publications, comics and other. These characters showcase mortal (or non-mortal) identity, symbolize nobility and royalty and are defined by the ultimate representation of the powers or super powers they possess.

Heroes are found in tales, stories and myths who displayed great courage and self sacrifice when faced danger and adversity, mostly martial courage and excellence in battles, fights and wars.

The word hero comes from the Greek “ἥρως” (heroes),  “Ήρωας”,  “hero, warrior”, literally meaning “protector” or “defender”. In Ancient Greek mythology and folklore, heroes ((heroines  for females) were usually demigods, a son or daughter from one immortal (like one of the twelve Gods of Olympus) and one mortal parent. An example is Heracles, “Ηρακλής”, son of the King of Gods, Zeus, “Δίας” and a mortal queen Alcmene, “Αλκμήνη”. See also God and Goddess baby names for more information about god and goddess names.

Stories of heroism and heroic acts are moral stories, teaching us how to live our lives and inspire us to be better and show courage and strength at difficult times. And that is what inspires many parents to give a heroic name to their baby boy or baby girl and makes them so popular over times.

Below you will find a wide collection of Heroic names for choosing a name with great (or super) powers.

If you are searching for the perfect Heroic name for your new born baby boy or baby girl, you will find below our wide selection of Heroes boy names and Heroine girl names, as categorized by our name experts research, our readers feedback and other sources. Click on a name to read the meaning, popularity, pronunciation and other useful information.