Icelandic Names

Icelandic Baby Names

Icelandic names are the names used by the people of Iceland, an Island in North Europe. Icelandic names are part of the greater family of Scandinavian names, with the difference that in Iceland a family name consists of a patronym derived from the father’s first (or given name) and the suffixes –son (meaning “son”) and – dóttir (meaning “daughter”). For example, if a man is called Ragnar Sigurðsson, his baby boy might be called Jón Ragnarson and his baby girl might be called Kari Ragnardóttir. See also Scandinavian – Nordic origin names, for more information about the origin of Scandinavian names.

In Iceland there are laws who forbid giving any name to your baby. Only the names that appear on the Personal Names Register are allowed to use. In case you want to give another name to your baby, you will have to apply to a committee for permission.

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