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Muslim Baby Names

Muslim Names are the names used by the Muslim people, the people who believe in the Islamic religion. Most of the Muslim names are of Arabic origin, many other are from other origins like Iranian Names or Turkish Names which are also Muslim, but not of Arabic roots.

Islam is one of the three unique patriarchal religions; the other two are Christianity and Judaism. Like the last two, the religion is focused on the belief of monotheism on a single omniscient God. Similarly as with the first Jewish names (ex. Noah meaning “respite”), the first Muslim names meanings convey an indication of having acquired a spiritual favor with God (ex. Like the Prophet Muhammad’s name meaning “Praiseworthy” and “Glorified”). The ninety-nine names of Allah, as listed in the Qur’an, are frequently used as given names. Sometimes the attributes are prefixed with “Abd al” meaning “servant of the …”. Most Arabic Names come from simple vocabulary words, other come from Historical figures from Islam, Military leaders or names of prophets and other figures from the Qur’an. Popular Muslim names are also from the multiple forms of Muhammad and his family and descendants names.

Arabic names existed before the growth of Islam as those really originated from star names used by the occupants of the Arabian Peninsula since Ptolemy’s times in the second century, at least. Claudius Ptolemy was an astronomer who made a chart of the celestial positions of more than a thousand stars; however his book wasn’t translated until the ninth century. Muslim astronomers later adjusted his work and started using those star Arabic names and now these names are likewise frequently used as Muslim baby names (ex. Acrab or Al-Aqrab meaning “Scorpion”). Since the Quran was likewise written in the dialect, Arabic is still considered to be the first and original Islamic dialect right up ’til the present time. See names used in Arabic speaking countries.

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