Scandinavian Names

Scandinavian Baby Names

Scandinavian names are the names used by the people of Nordic countries Norway, Denmark Iceland, Sweden and the Faroe Islands. Most of these names are derived from Old Norse language, a Germanic language spoken in these regions until the fourteenth century AD. In modern Scandinavian languages Nordic names are spelled differently than Germanic Names. See also Scandinavian – Nordic origin names, for more information about the origin of Scandinavian names. In Iceland, Sweden and Norway, like in several other countries there are laws that forbid using any given name and have lists of acceptable names to use.

In most Scandinavian countries there was a traditional naming system which is still only used in Iceland. The family name of a baby was a compound name from its father’s (and sometimes mother’s ) first name and the suffixes –son (meaning “son”) and – dóttir (meaning “daughter”). For example, if a man is called Ragnar Sigurðsson, his baby boy might be called Jón Ragnarsson and his baby girl might be called Kari Ragnardóttir. See also Swedish names, Danish names, Icelandic names, Nordic names, Norman names, Norwegian names, Finnish names for more information about all these Scandinavian names.

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