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What does the name Elena mean?

The different meanings of the name Elena are:
  • American meaning: Light
  • Greek meaning: Illumination
  • Italian meaning: Illumination
  • Portuguese meaning: The light of the sun
  • Spanish meaning: The brilliant one
The meaning of the name “Elena” is different in several languages, countries and cultures and has more than one possibly same or different meanings available.

Additional information: Elena is a variant of the feminine Greek name Helen or Helena. The root name Helen was most likely to have come from Greek mythological roots where Helen of Troy was the daughter of the god Zeus and Leda. Elena showed up as a cognate of the name in early 12th century. Meaning for the name is taken from the same meaning as the name Helen, which means “Shining light” or “The bright one”.

Another common way to spell this name is Alena or Elaina. There are many different variations of the name Elena that are used around the world. These include Ileana, Yelena, Helene, Shelena, Alyona, Lena, Jelena, Lenka, Elaine, Ellen, Laney, Leena, Elina, or Olena, Eleni among many others. Elena also has many common nicknames including Lena, Leni, Lene, or Ellie.

This name has been popular in many English-speaking countries as well as around Europe. In 2014, it ranked in the top 100 female baby names within 15 countries: Canada, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Catalonia, Croatia, Czech Republic, France, Galicia, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Slovenia, Spain, and Switzerland. The countries ranking it most highly were Switzerland at the 19th most popular and Belgium at the 13th. The highest recorded ranking this name has ever enjoyed was being the 5th most popular in Spain during 2011. In the US it was the 121st most popular baby girl name in 2014, going on an upward trend.

Famous people and celebrities who share the name Elena include Elena Paparizou, a singer; Ella Delle Donne, a basketball player; Elena Satine, an actress; Elena Kagan, a US Supreme Court justice; and Elena Vesnina, a tennis player.