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What does the name Evan mean?

The different meanings of the name Evan are:
  • Hebrew meaning: God is gracious
  • Celtic - Gaelic meaning: Swift
  • American meaning: Youth warrior; young warrior; well-born
  • Irish meaning: Young warrior
  • Scottish meaning: Young warrior
  • Welsh meaning: God is Good
  • Greek meaning: Young warrior; well-born
The meaning of the name “Evan” is different in several languages, countries and cultures and has more than one possibly same or different meanings available.

Additional information: Evan is a masculine name of Welsh origin, like Ieunan, a form of John meaning ‘God Has Been Gracious,’ and is the name of the American Snapchat Founder Evan Spiegel who created the popular phone application that allows the user to send vanishing photos and videos.

Evan and Even are used also in Britanny where they are linked to John the Baptist. These forms overlap in Ireland and Scotland with forms of Eoghan, which are sometimes Ewan, Euan and Ewen. The Irish Evin does not seem to be related historically, since it means "swift", but is is usual now to equate the names.

Ev is a popular diminutive, and the name has also seen some use as a girl’s name. The name is commonly spelled and pronounced the same in English-speaking countries. Misspellings are uncommon, but ‘Evan’ is sometimes misspelled ‘Avan.’

The name Evan saw particular popularity from 2003 to 2014, peaking in 2009 at thirty-fifth place in the United States. The name saw heights in use in Canada peaking at the eighteenth place in 2008. The name remains in the top hundred names in both Canada and the United States today. The name has also seen some popularity in the United Kingdom with a place in the top hundred names from 2005 to 2013.

Famous people named Evan include Evan Peters (American Actor), Evan Rachel Wood (American Actress), Evan Bird (Canadian Actor), and Evan Turner (American Athlete). Fictional characters named Evan include Evan Baxter from the 2007 film Evan Almighty in which the main character becomes chosen by God to build a modern day Ark like the biblical story of Noah and the Ark, and Evan Treborn of the 2004 film The Butterfly Effect in which the main character realizes he has the power to time travel.

Evan Spiegel and two other students at Stanford University created the popular smartphone application, Snapchat. Since its beginning, the application has been valued at $10-$20 billion. Its popularity has continued as the developers continue to update the application to appeal to consumers. Recent updates include the option to send “snap stories,” and the use of what’s called a “geotag” has allowed businesses and colleges to attach a logo to advertise through the application.