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What does the name Jordan mean?

The meaning of the name “Jordan” is: “Descend; flow down”.

Additional information: Derived from the river of the same name, Jordan is a Hebrew name (Yarden) which was derived from yarad, meaning ‘flow down’; the river Jordan was the river where Jesus was baptised by John the Baptist, and Jordan is also the name of a country in the Middle East.

Jordan is a gender neutral name, but more feminine sounding forms are Jordana and Jordyn, and variants in other languages include the Arabic Urdunn, the Romanian Iordan, the French Jourdain, and the Ancient Germanic Jordanes. Common misspellings usually revolve around the ‘a’ in Jordan – Jordin, Jordon, and Jorden, but all of these are acceptable spellings of Jordan in America. Nicknames for Jordan are Jo, Jojo, Jord, Jordi or, more obscurely, any potential spelling of ‘Dani’.

Popular during the Middle Age Crusades, Jordan fell from popularity until the very late 19th century; even then it was still an uncommon name for boys, and almost unheard of as a name for girls. It wasn’t until 1980 that its popularity rose, and it reached its peak in the late nineties for both genders during basketball player Michael Jordan’s career, but the name has consistently been more popular for boys than for girls. Because of the association with Michael Jordan, the name Michael is commonly linked with the name Jordan.

Celebrities with the name include Katie Price, a British model who went by the name ‘Jordan’ for much of her modelling career. Others are Jordan Nagai (American actor), Jordan Ladd (American actress), and Jordin Sparks (American singer).

Jordan Sullivan is a fictional character played by Christa Miller in Scrubs, and other fictional Jordans are Jordan Chase from Dexter, Jordan Catalano from My So-Called Life, and Jordan Cavanaugh from Crossing Jordan.