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What does the name Julia mean?

The meaning of the name “Julia” is: “Soft-haired, youthful”.

Additional information: The girl name Julia is the female form of the Latin Julius, which is an old Roman family name given to every female of the Julius family. It is thought to be derived from 'lulus', meaning "downy-bearded", used to describe youth. While this is the most common theory, some suggest the name might be derived from the Roman god Jupiter as well, although the name Julius may have come from this source originally. It could also be of Greek origins from a similarly pronounced word in the ancient Greek language.

It is also a Biblical name, meaning "Jupiter's child, downy", deriving from the element 'iovilius', meaning "dedicated to Jupiter", found in the Bible. It was used for a woman in Apostle's Paul "Epistle to Romans" and also borne by several early Christian saints and martyrs.

The name Julia is also found as a name of a female character who fell in love with Proteus in Verona, in Shakespeare's play " Two Gentlemen of Verona" and also used for a butterfly species found in Brazil, "Julia Butterfly".

The most frequently seen variation on the name Julia is Julie, also a feminine name. The male names Julius, Julio, and Julek are all related to this feminine name. In some countries, the name Julia can be used as: Yuliya, Juliette, Julitta, Yuliana, Guiliana or Julinha. Short forms of the name that are usually used are Jules, Jools, Julita, or Lia.

Usage of the name Julia has not dropped out of the top 150 baby girl names in the US since name statistics began being recorded in 1880. It peaked at 26th place in 1880 in the US with a more recent peak at 27th in 2001. In Catalonia, Julia was ranked as the 2nd most popular female baby name of 2014. In the same year, It was also ranked the 3rd most popular in both the Netherlands and Poland. Sweden ranked it as the 7th most popular, Switzerland 8th, Spain 11th, and Austria 13th all in 2014.

Celebrities and other famous people with the name Julia include Julia Roberts, an actress; Julia Barretto, an actress; Julia Pierce, a singer; Julia Stiles, an actress; Julia Child, a chef; and Julia Alvarez, a poet.