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What does the name Kayden mean?

The meaning of the name “Kayden” is: “Son of Cadan; battle”.

Additional information: Although Kayden is a both a masculine and a feminine name, it is usually used as a masculine name. It is almost exclusively thought to be a form of the name Caden. Caden comes from Gaelic roots and holds the meaning “son of Cadan”, which is passed on to the modern name Kayden as well. It can also mean “battle” depending on the context of the original Gaelic.

Kayden has a few alternate spellings, some of which are more popular that this particular spelling. You can find a lot of boys named Caden, Kaden, Cayden, Caiden, Kaiden, or Kaeden. The most common short form of the name is Cade or Kade, depending on the spelling of the name. It is not usually misspelled, but the most frequently seen misspellings are Kaydon or Caydon.

Popularity for the name Kayden in this form has been on a slow upward trend in the US, appearing at 90th most popular in 2014, up from 230th most popular just 8 years before in 2006. The name was not recorded at all within the US before 1989 for either males or females. Elsewhere this name with this spelling ranked as the 86th most popular male baby name in Canada, the 87th most popular in Scotland, and the 114th most popular in England & Wales in 2014. All of these countries also showed a very short history with the name, indicating that this spelling of Kayden was not often seen until the mid-1980s.

Celebrities who are named Kayden or any other spelling of the word have not risen to fame yet, but Kevin Costner, an actor, has a son by the name of Cayden Wyatt and Angie Everhart, a model, has a son named Kayden Bobby.


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