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What does the name Lydia mean?

The meaning of the name “Lydia” is: “Noble kind; of the noble sort; A Maiden from Lydia, Greece”.

Additional information: Lydia is thought to have come from Greek origins. Lydia is the name of a historic region of Asia Minor, which also included Troy and Ephesus. While Lydia used to be a geographical location, the name is believed to mean “a woman from Lydia” as in the region formerly known as Lydia. The original word Lydia is believed to have meant “noble one” or “beautiful” in the ancient Greek language. This is also a Biblical name referring to the first person who converted to Christianity after Paul the Apostle began evangelizing in Europe. She lived in Thyatira which was on the border of the region of Lydia and became the first Christian convert in Europe from Paul’s teachings.

The name Lydia can also be spelled Lidia or written as Lyda, although these are less common forms of the name. Around the world, you will find many variations of Lydia, including Lidiya in Bulgaria and Russia, Lidka in Poland, Lydie in Czech, Lidija in Slovene and Serbia, and Lidia in many Spanish-speaking countries. Common nicknames for those named Lydia are Liddy or Lydie.

The popularity of the name Lydia has been high since 1880 in the US. From 1880-2014 it has been featured in the top 300 female baby female baby names each year, peaking at 75 in 1883 and increasing again to 84 in 2014. It was ranked number 94 in the UK in 2014, down from its peak at number 50 in 1999. In France, Lydia was a more common name in 2000, ranking at number 248th most popular for females, but it has since fallen to number 391 on the ranking.

Famous people and personalities that share the name Lydia include Lydia Ko, a professional golfer; Lydia Hearst, a model; Lydia Bright, a reality TV personality and star; Lydia Cornell, an actress; Lydia Lunch, a pop singer and poet Lydia Sigourney. Lydia Taft was the first recorded female voter in American history, when she voted in a vote for whether her town of Uxbridge, Massachusetts should support the French-Indian war in 1756. Lydia Bennet is the youngest of the Bennet sisters in Jane Austen's book 'Pride and Prejudice'.