Name Meanings and History of Names

Everyone has a first (also called “given”) name. The name is the first identification for everyone; we learn to respond to it or use it to address a person. Most people have common names; a few of us have more unique ones. Factors such as history or religious beliefs can influence the popularity of a name. Whatever your name is, you have probably wondered more than once; “What does my name mean?” – “Where does my name come from?” Your children will probably ask you the same questions about their own names. Many people have a degree of knowledge about their name meaning and origin, while others do not, and some believe that the name meaning helps you to discover who you are and where you come from.

If you are an expecting parent and you are searching for a baby name and its meaning or if you are simply searching for the meaning of your own name, you have come to the right place. Our website is a free resource of names and meanings with more than forty thousand names available for you to browse. All of our names come with meaning, origin, popularity, pronunciation, famous bearers (including celebrities and other historical figures), history and other useful information.

Name Meanings And History Of Names

You can discover the meaning and history behind your name or any other name that you want to search. Please note that name meanings are not the same, sometimes not even for the same name. There are many names that have different meanings in multiple countries and languages and there are many names with the same or similar meanings.

With more than forty thousand boy and girl names complete with name meanings, origins, popularity and additional information, we have the perfect name for you. We also have categories of names for a more specific search or you can just read our articles about baby names and parenting tips.

Discover the origin and meaning of your given name and contribute to our resource, leave your comment or any information that we can use to improve the database.

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