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What does the name Naomi mean?

The different meanings of the name Naomi are:
  • Hebrew meaning: Beautiful, pleasant, delightful
  • Japanese meaning: Beautiful honesty
The meaning of the name “Naomi” is different in several languages, countries and cultures and has more than one possibly same or different meanings available.

Additional information: Hebrew language, this name is used as a feminine name by the Jewish people. It was very commonly used and can even be seen in an Old Testament context with Naomi the mother in law of Ruth. This makes the name a Biblical name as well that is used by Christians around the world. The name holds the meaning "pleasantness". In Japan, the name Naomi is a unisex name that has existed for centuries. It is completely unrelated to the Hebrew origin. The Japanese meaning is "honest, beautiful self".

Naomi is a name that does not have many variations. There are no commonly used alternate spellings, but the name is sometimes misspelled as Neomi or Naomy. Some variations that exist in non-English speaking countries are Noemi, Nohemi, Noemie, Na’omi, or Noemin. No short forms of Naomi are used frequently.

Popular usage of Naomi has been ongoing since 1880. In 2014 it was ranked in the top 100 most popular female baby names in 5 countries with New Zealand ranking it 97th, the US ranking it at 80th place, Canada ranking it in 79th, Mexico in 62nd, and the Netherlands ranking it 40th most popular. In the UK, the name peaked at 75th most popular in 1996, but it has gone down in usage to 147th most popular in 2014. In the US, the name has only dropped out of the top 400 most popular female baby names 3 times between 1880 and 2014.

Some famous personalities and celebrities named Naomi are Naomi Campbell, a model; Naomi Scott, an actress; Naomi Watts, an actress; Naomi Shihab Nye, a poet; and Naomi Kyle, a TV host.