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What does the name Niamh mean?

The meaning of the name “Niamh” is: “Radiance, lustre, brightness”.

Additional information: The Gaelic baby name Niamh is mostly used as a girl baby name but sometimes also as a boy name.

According to the legend, Niamh was a beautiful princess, daughter of the sea god Manannan, known as “Niamh of the Golden Hair”, one of the queens of Tir na nOg, the land of eternal youth. She fell in love with Fionn’s son, a poet and hero, Oisin and they lived together in the “Land of the Young’, where three hundred years passed in what seemed like three weeks. (Read the legend of Niamh and Oisin)

Niamh was the eleventh most popular baby girl name in Ireland, in 2003.