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What does the name Noah mean?

The meaning of the name “Noah” is: “Rest, Peace, Comfort, Peaceful”.

Additional information: Deriving from the Hebrew word Nōach, Noah is a masculine name that means ‘rest’ or ‘comfort’, ‘peace’. The name of the Ark builder from the Old Testament, Noah is one of the more popular biblical names for boys, along with Isaac, Joshua, and Elijah, and saw increased popularity with the rise of Protestantism. Noah was the patriarch that survived the Great Flood of 40 days and 40 nights. He and his family built a wooden ark upon which he saved his family and two animals of every species.

Common nicknames for Noah are ‘Noe’ and ‘Noey’. Noah has several foreign variants, including Nuh (Arabic), Noach (Dutch), and Noé (French). Although it doesn’t have any feminine variants, the name Noah is sometimes used as a name for girls – this feminine version came from the Hebrew name No’ah, meaning ‘motion’, and it was the name of a few women in the Old Testament. Noah is commonly misspelled as ‘Noahs’, ‘Noh’, and ‘Noha’.

Although Noah has been in use as a masculine name since the Protestant Reformation, it didn’t enter the top hundred names in the USA until 1996, but it climbed through the ranks so quickly that, by 2012 it ranked at number 4, and by 2013 it was the most popular name for boys – a title it held onto in 2014. Its popularity has similarly grown in England and Wales, entering the top hundred names in 2003 and rising to be the eleventh most popular name in 2014.

Famous people with the name Noah are Noah Taylor (Australian actor), Noah Cyrus (daughter of Billy Ray Cyrus and sister of Miley Cyrus), and Noah Emmerich (American actor). Fictional characters named Noah include Noah ‘Puck’ Puckerman from the television series Glee, Noah Czerny from The Raven Cycle series, and Noah Calhoun from The Notebook.

Noah is the name Megan Fox and  Brian Austin Green chose for their son.

According to Irish legend and mythology, the first groups of settlers in Ireland were said to be descendents of the biblical Noah.