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What does the name Richard mean?

The meaning of the name “Richard” is: “Strong power; hardy power, rich ruler”.

Additional information: Richard is a name of Germanic origins that was commonly used in different parts of Europe, mainly Britain, France, and Germany. It comes from two Germanic words, “ric" and "hard", which when combined brings the meaning "strong ruler" or "powerful leader". It was first imported to England by the Normans, though it has been used over the years for many members of royal families, but is most famously remembered from Richard I the Lionheart, the King of England during the 12th century who led the Third Holy Crusade.

There are no variants of the name, but in some other languages, it does appear in a different form, such as Ricard, Ricardo, Rikhard, Riku, Rikard, Rihards, Rico, or Ryszard. Common nicknames for Richard include Rich, Rick, Ricky, Dick, Richie, or Rickey.

In 2014, the popularity of the name Richard was continuing a downward trend in many countries. The highest ranking it saw that year was 39th most popular in the Czech Republic and 47th most popular in Hungary. Otherwise, in 2014, it was ranked at 141st most popular in the US, 267th in England and Wales, and was not listed on any other name popularity charts. These ratings are down from its peak years in the mid-1900s. From 1930 to 1947 it was ranked at the 5th most popular boy’s name in the US, and was in the 10 ten for a much longer stretch of time. It Canada it was ranked at 4th most popular in 1954 and 1956. In the Czech Republic, the name peaked at 29th most popular in 1974.

Some of the famous people and celebrities who share the name Richard include Richard Branson, an American entrepreneur; Richard Sherman, an NFL player; Richard Hammond, a journalist; Richard Nixon, a former US President; Richard Gere, an actor; Richard Pryor, an actor; Richard Simmons, an exercise entrepreneur; and Richard Harmon, an actor.