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What does the name Rowan mean?

The different meanings of the name Rowan are:
  • Celtic - Gaelic meaning: Little red one; Mountain ash tree
  • Norse meaning: Rowan tree, Tree with Red Berries, Mountain Ash
  • American meaning: From the rowan tree
  • English meaning: Tree with red berries
The meaning of the name “Rowan” is different in several languages, countries and cultures and has more than one possibly same or different meanings available.

Additional information: Rowan is a unisex name of Irish origin, meaning ‘Little Red One.’ Another common meaning is ‘From the Rowan Tree,’ and is of English origin. One form of Rowan comes from the Gaelic word for red, ruadh, and a Gaelic diminutive suffix. The other form, from the tree, comes from a Norse word for the European plant. This word refers to the red leaves and berries of the rowan tree. The English meaning of the name is most popular when the name is used as a girl’s name.

It is the name of English actor and comedian Rowan Atkinson, who is most famous for his role as Mr. Bean in the television and film franchise. Atkinson developed the character of Mr. Bean while he was completing his Masters Degree at Oxford University.

Ro is a common diminutive for the name for both girls and boys. Common misspellings of the name include-‘Rowen,’ ‘Rowin.' The name is most common in English-speaking countries, especially in the United Kingdom, and the United States.

The name is among the top 500 baby names in popularity but saw particular heights in popularity in 2014 for boy’s names in the United States. In the United Kingdom, the name saw popularity in 2013, with a ranking of #123. In Canada, the name saw the highest popularity in 2014 with a #84 place in the top hundred popular baby names.

Famous people named Rowan include Rowan Blanchard (American TV Actress), Rowan Vine (English Athlete), Rowan Hills (Australian Actor), and Rowan Atkinson (English Actor and Comedian). Fictional characters include Rowan Davison of the Mayfair Chronicles by Anne Rice, Rowan Morrison, a character of horror film The Wicker Man, and The Rowan, a character in the novel of the same name written by Anne McCaffrey.

Rowan University is a popular American college located in New Jersey. Patti Smith and Robert Hegyes are famous graduates of the college.

The Rowan Tree of English origin is a symbol of protection, healing, and balance. The actual rowan tree bears small red berries and has the ability to grow almost anywhere. The tree is closely related to Apple and Cherry trees.