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What does the name Sancho mean?

The meaning of the name “Sancho” is: “Truthful and sincere ; Saint; Holy”.

Additional information: The name Sancho is a popular Spanish name used in Spain and Portugal and also as a surname ( Sanchez means 'son of Sancho' ) of Iberian origin. It is the name of several Kings and Dukes of Spain and Portugal. The name is derived from the Latin Sanctius and used as a Basque names in the forms Santxo, Santzo, Santso and Antzo. The most famous Sancho is probably the character Sancho Panza, the delirious knight's sidekick, from Miguel de Cervantes' novel 'Don Quixote'. Panza means "belly" in Spanish slang, so the name Sancho Panza actually means "sacred belly".

There is also a Saint Sancho in Spain, celebrated June 5th, who was a Christian martyr that spoke out against the Muslim rulers, impaled in Cordoba.

Kings named Sancho:

Sancho I of Pamplona (ruled 905-925 CE)
Sancho Ii of Pamplona (ruled 970-994 CE)
Sancho Iii of Navarre (ruled 1004-1035 CE)
Sancho Iv of Navarre (ruled 1054-1076 CE)
Sancho Ramirez, King of Aragon and Navarre (ruled 1063-1094 CE)
Sancho Vi of Navarre (ruled 1150-1194)
Sancho Vii of Navarre (ruled 1194-1234)
Sancho I of Leon "The Fat" (ruled 956-966)
Sancho Ii of Castile "The Strong" (ruled 1065-1072)
Sancho Iii of Castile (ruled 1157-1158)
Sancho Iv of Castile "The Brave" (ruled 1284-1295)
Sancho I of Portugal "The Populator" (ruled 1185-1191)
Sancho Ii of Portugal "The Pius" (ruled 1223-1247)
Sancho of Majorca "The Peaceful" (ruled 1311-1324)