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What does the name Sarah mean?

The meaning of the name “Sarah” is: “Princess”.

Additional information: The name Sarah is one of the oldest names for women; in the Bible, Abraham’s wife Sarah was the eighth woman to be named. Sarah is a Hebrew name meaning ‘princess’, and because of how long it has existed in written language it has a lot of variants in various languages. The most common of these is Sara (or Zara), which is used in Germany, the Netherlands, Croatia, Denmark, and Italy, among others. The variant ‘Sarra’ can be found in both biblical Greek and biblical Latin, while ‘Suri’ is the spelling in Yiddish. Other possible spellings around the world are Сара, Kala, Saara, Saija, Salli, Sára, Sari, Sárika, Sarka, Sarolta, Sasa, Sasita, and Sassa. Diminutives of Sarah include Sally (which is now considered an independent name in its own right) and Sadie.

Sarah has never fallen lower than the 120th most popular name for girls since 1880, with particularly high popularity as a name from 1978 to 2002, never falling out of the top ten names in those years. Since 2002, however, the name Sarah has fallen in popularity – in 2014, it was fiftieth on the list. From 1978 to 1989, the name Sarah, traditionally a female name, saw a rise in popularity for baby boys in the USA, and was recorded in the top 1000 names for boys in all of those years except for 1988.

In West Australia, there is a legend surrounding the grave of Sarah Marshall (buried as Sarah Simpson), who was murdered by a group of male stalkers. The legend says that Sarah continues to haunt young men from beyond the grave, with many young women claiming to have seen her ghost in the trees.

Famous people named Sarah include Sarah Palin (politician), Sarah McLachlan (musician), Sarah Jessica Parker (actress), and Sarah Ferguson (Duchess of York).